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Gears 5's upcoming Operation 3 will bring much-needed content in the game. We are getting a new map, Pahanu, along with a team-based mode called Gridiron. Additional achievements and a new Tour of Duty will also be coming on March 31. Some of the more important additions are the new playable characters, two heroes and two villains. Each of them has a special ability that aims to change the meta of the game. You can check out this article to know about all the changes that Operation 3 will make. You can also check out the official blog post for a more detailed explanation.

We are getting fan-favorite Augustus Cole back, along with Clayton Carmine (the only Carmine to dodge the Carmine curse until now). The main antagonist of the campaign, Queen Myrrah, will be available for the Villain side. A locust elite soldier Theron Guard is also joining the roster. Let’s talk about each of them and their abilities.



Augustus Cole

Known for his iconic dialogue “Cole Train Is Back Baby,” Cole will be playable in Gears 5 with Operation 3. In PvE, he takes on an offensive role thanks to his strong Passive and Ultimate abilities. His Passive ability is a strong punch, he can also melee while tackling enemies. Killing enemies using this ability will give him a little health boost. Cole's Ultimate ability is where he shines the most. When activated, he will leave a “trail of fire” behind him that will damage and burn his enemies. His PvE skill card contains amazing abilities like Torch Tackle, Perk Up, Defensive Tackle, and many more.

He is a strong character in PvP mode as well. His dead victims will leave a small area engulfed in fire that will do damage to other players that come near it. He will have access to the Lancer Assault Rifle, Snub Pistol, and Smoke Grenade. So get ready to pop some smoke nades and rush the enemy.

Clayton Carmine
Clayton Carmine MICROSOFT

Clayton Carmine

We all know about the Carmine Curse, maybe that’s the reason that developers decided to give him some OP abilities. In PvE mode, when his Ultimate ability is active, Carmine will be able to absorb damage and inflict it back upon those who shot him in the first place. Thanks to his Passive ability, he will also regenerate his Ultimate ability faster whenever he is damaged. This makes him perfect to absorb damage, maybe that’s why he is in the Tank category. His skill cards are Bait Armor, Ice Armor, Blast Shield, Uncle Clay, and many more. My personal favorite is the Priority Target where Clayton taunts attacking enemies in order to protect his teammates.

Unfortunately, he is not the strongest character in PvP mode. His passive ability will reduce the headshot damage he receives, (probably because Carmines always attract bullets). He will have access to a Retro Lancer Assault Rifle, Snub Pistol, and Flash Grenades.


Queen Myrrah
Queen Myrrah MICROSOFT

Queen Myrrah

Players will finally be able to play as the main antagonist. Her abilities are similar to Augustus Cole. Whenever she kills someone, the dead person will create an “Incendiary area of effect” that will damage anyone who comes in contact. Stand there long enough and you will die too. Her loadout also copies that of Cole. She has access to Lancer Assault Rifle, Snub Pistol, and Smoke Grenades. Her weapon tree consists of Retro Lancer, Mulcher, and Boomshot. I have a feeling that everyone will be maining her for a while.

Thereon Guard
Thereon Guard MICROSOFT

Theron Guard

Last but not the least, the second villain joining the roster is an elite Locust soldier named Theron Guard. His Passive abilities are quite unique. Killing someone with a precision weapon (like a Longshot) will result in an AOE explosion that will damage other enemies as well. On top of that, enemies will be marked when they are aimed at using a precision weapon, it doesn’t matter if they are behind cover or not. He will have access to Lancer Assault Rifle, Snub Pistol, and Flash Grenades. His weapon tree consists of the Boltok, Markza and the Longshot Sniper. This character feels more like a support player, sniping will take away enemies' attention while teammates get the job done. Looks like I found my main.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these characters? Which one of them will you play first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below..

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