Gears 5 Will Run At 4K 60 FPS On Xbox Series X

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An upgraded version of Gears 5 will release on Xbox Series X. One of the biggest titles of Xbox One will get a small upgrade that optimizes the game for the next-gen console, efficiently utilizing its new technology. The game will look better, run better, and perform better, what else could you want? Oh, on top of that, the upgrade will be free for anyone who already owns the game on Xbox One. Here are the screenshots of Gears 5 on both consoles so you can compare them yourself.

Xbox Series X
Xbox One X

The next-gen version of Gears 5 is using the Ultra settings that were previously available to PC. This means that the game has higher resolution textures and higher resolution volumetric fog. Gears 5 will also have a 50 percent higher particle count than the PC version. Who would have thought that a console would get better graphic settings than a PC? Anyway, the game will run at 4K and 60 FPS for both gameplay and cinematics. For comparison, Xbox One X only ran Gears 5 at 30 FPS.

Gears 5 utilizes the new features of the Series X, so now the game will load incredibly quick thanks to the SSD. It will also have new graphics settings which you can turn on like contact shadows and self-shadow lighting for grass and plants. These settings were not available in Xbox One X. The Coalition’s Technical Director, Mike Rayner, also confirmed that the game is running at 100 FPS and that the devs are looking for ways to support 120 FPS in multiplayer. If this is achieved then Xbox Series X will become the very first console to push a AAA game to 120 FPS.

Thanks to Microsoft's Smart Delivery Program, these new improvements will be available for free to everyone who owns Gears 5 on previous Xbox consoles like Xbox One and Xbox One X.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the upgraded version of Gears 5? Are you planning to play the game on Xbox Series X? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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