Gears 5 Operation 3: Gridiron Adds New Mode, Characters, More

Gears 5

Gears 5's live service model has been going better than expected. Recently, the developers announced the massive Operation 3, called Gridiron, which adds tons of new content in the game. The update will go live on March 31 and will be free for everyone.

The New Mode

The most important addition in Gridiron is the new mode called, yep, you guessed it, Gridiron. It is kind of like Capture the Flag. There are two teams of five players each. The goal of the game is to grab the neutral flag, which is in the middle of the map, and score a touchdown at the enemy base. You will also become a target once you pick up the flag. There is one cool twist, there are no respawns in Gridiron. This means you can’t just go YOLO. The match is based on a point system. You will get two points per Touchdown, two for completely killing the enemy team, and one by just having the flag in your possession when the timers run out. The first team to get 13 points wins the match. There will also be random weapons scattered across the map.



The update will bring four more Heroes (or Villians) into the game. You will, fittingly, be able to play as the famous Augustus "Cole Train" Cole. He will have a powerful punch as a passive ability and his Ultimate ability will be leaving fire behind him that damages enemies.

The other hero is Clayton Carmine. Carmine's abilities include doing ballistic damage back to the enemy, his Ultimate will also charge faster whenever he gets damaged. Let’s see if you can break the Carmine Curse.

The update will also bring two new Villians into the game. The first one is none other than Queen Myrrah, and the second one is the Theron Guard.



A brand new map called Pahanu will be joining the roster. The map is a combination of the jungle-like area mixed with the ruins of an old civilization. There are both open-ended areas and claustrophobic corridors, so be careful about which weapons you have. A shotgun in a long-range fight will guarantee your death.

Gears 1 fan-favorite map Canal will also be coming to the game. Anyone who played the original knows how crucial that bridge is to the entire match, so get your sniper rifle ready on that bridge and dominate the entire map.

2v2 Gnasher will also become more fun with the introduction of two maps, Arena and Annex. The Arena environment will constantly change so no two matches feel similar. Annex, on the other hand, is completely opposite. The map is more streamlined as it only offers two different paths. Either push a single path with your teammate or divide up and take your chances.

A Change In Priority

Developer The Coalition realized how crucial Horde and Versus mode are to the player base and that has led them to prioritize what content they want to put forward. From now on, developers are shifting their resources to provide more maps for the two modes. However, this means that the development of Tiles is put on the back burner for now. They also claim that more maps will also be joining the game soon.

Tour of Duty
Tour of Duty MICROSOFT

Tour of Duty

A new operation is bringing a brand new Tour of Duty which aims to bring more improvement to the game and add new content as well. When the new Operation will go live, players will be able to complete their objectives more efficiently. Two objective slots will be reserved for simple challenges that can be completed in both PvE and PvP. One challenge slot will be reserved for a PvE challenge, and one more for a PvP challenge.

Gears 5 will also give players more rewards for playing the game. You will earn Stars by playing any mode in the game and that will help you complete Tour of Duty faster.


That’s not all, there is still more content that Operation 3 will offer. There are more weapon skins, gory executions, and eye-catching character skins. More achievements will also be coming to the game on March 31. You can learn more about it over here.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Operation 3: Gridiron? Which new character will you try out first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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