Gears 5 Offers Free Trial For PC And Xbox One This Weekend

Gears 5

You can enjoy the entirety of Gears 5 without paying a single dollar. The game is currently free on both the Steam and Windows Store until April 12. Nothing is locked off, and you can play the campaign, co-op, and even multiplayer for free until the timer runs out. PC players can play the game through the stores mentioned above and Xbox One players should only need an active membership to Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate.

Gears 5 even has a co-op campaign for up to three players, so hop online with your squad and enjoy one more free game during this lockdown. The campaign can take over two days to finish and it’s a pretty good one at that, and is definitely an improvement over its predecessor. Horde mode is also impressive and you can easily spend dozens of hours gunning down wave after wave of enemies. Multiplayer is best played with friends, and we highly recommend that you use the shotgun if you do decide to play.

It is a perfect time as well. A couple of weeks ago, Gears 5 received its Season 3 update, called Operation Gridiron, which adds new modes and more maps into the game, all for free. The new mode is kind of like Capture the Flag, but with no respawning. The Season also brought four new characters in the game, two for the heroes' side and two for the villains. You can check out more information about these characters in our previous article.

Tons of games are getting a free period since the COVID-19 outbreak, which has put many people in lockdown. Recently, a small portion of Modern Warfare was made available for free, however, that only had two maps in it.

If you liked Gears 5 and want to play it after the trial period, then you can purchase it and your progress will carry forward. It is also worth mentioning that if you bought the game on Xbox One then that copy will also work on the upcoming Xbox Series X.

So what do you think? Are you interested in Gears 5? Or have you already played the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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