Gato Roboto Makes Its Way To PC And Switch On May 30

Featuring Kiki the mecha-wielding cat.
The cute and cuddly Metroidvania Gato Roboto is set for a release on the PC and Switch this May 30.
The cute and cuddly Metroidvania Gato Roboto is set for a release on the PC and Switch this May 30. doinksoft

‘Cute’, ‘cuddly’ and ‘aww-inducing’ were the last words I’d ever use to describe Metroidvania games, until of course publisher Devolver Digital found a way to subvert my expectations once again.

And subvert it they did, with the announcement of Gato Roboto, developed by doinksoft. The title launches on two platforms: the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop and on the PC via Steam. An announcement trailer was released last weekend, and it looks like you will get to play Gato Roboto fairly soon, on May 30 to be precise. Check out the trailer below in all its cute fluffy cuteness.

Gato Roboto sees players controlling a cat named Kiki, as you trek through a vast alien underworld fraught with danger. Your ultimate goal is to save your owner, a spaceship captain, who is stranded deep within this space outpost. Along the way, you’ll also figure out what happened to this location before your arrival, as it is now filled with various hostile lifeforms.

The trailer certainly did pique my interest, as it puts a neat spin on the Metroidvania formula by letting you play as a feline. The black-and-white color scheme really adds a certain charming feel to Gato Roboto, along with the meticulously handcrafted sprites. I don’t know why, but Kiki the cat also reminded me of that white cat in Cat Mario, which is of course a title in a genre called ‘unfair’ platformers.

Gato Roboto, as a Metroidvania, will grant you access to armored mechs instead of the usual weapons or powers. Judging by the trailer, without them, Kiki can only run away powerlessly, so you will need said mechs to traverse the environment. It also featured several run ‘n’ gun elements, which is pretty cool, although the added difficulty may put some people off from it. That said, it’s a nice contrast against your fluffy protagonist, who just looks so innocent and cute.

Gato Roboto will cost you $7.99 for both versions, with Switch pre-orders netting you a 15 percent discount as well. Check it out on both the eShop and on Steam if you’re interested.

Gato Roboto is set for release on May 30 for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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