Garry’s Mod February Update Integrates Steam Chat Filtering to In-Game Chat

Garry's Mod
Garry's Mod Facepunch Studios

Garry’s Mod's recent update went live yesterday. The update isn’t major and doesn’t bring a lot of content. However, it does bring one important feature to the game. A new chat filtering system is added to counter in-game toxicity. Several dozen bugs have been squashed as well.

Steam's Chat Filtering is now integrated into in-game chat. You can enable/disable it via the check box present in the chat filter’s section. It is mentioned as “Filter Profanity (Steam settings apply).” The integrated filter will depend on your Steam preference settings.

Steam Chat Filter
Steam Chat Filter Steam

As mentioned above, the patch also addresses several bugs. We have mentioned them in great detail below:

  • Prisoner pod and chair vehicles now react to damage physically, driver takes explosion damage, calls GM:EntityTakeDamage hook
  • Fixed GM:PlayerAmmoChanged reporting incorrect new ammo count when called from Player:GiveAmmo
  • Spawnmenu search now resets its model cache when add-ons/games are remounted
  • Potential fix for crash relating to env_microphone's measure target entity
  • Reduce Faceposer tool's convar count to 96 (from 128) to match the actual limit in the engine
  • Fixed GMODLUA_GetUserType leaking onto the Lua stack (this only affects binary modules and the type() function, when using custom userdata types)
  • surface.DrawLine now uses floats not integers
  • Fixed a stack overflow with DListView and columns inserted at specific positions
  • Fixes a server crash with no collide constraint.
  • Fixed DTextEntry's automatic line breaks causing an infinite loop hang with specially formatted text containing a lot of whitespace
  • Potential fix for a crash within CFontTextureRegen
  • Add OS-specific errors to binary module loading errors
  • Make it more clear that changing sbox_persist while in-game will clean up the map
  • "Stop Persisting" property will now also be hidden when persistence is disabled
  • Do not clean up the map when disabling persistence
  • Fixed changing persistence in-game saving to the wrong file if the cvar changed too quickly within the 2-second timer
  • Downgrade Steamworks SDK to 1.50 as the newer version was causing issues
  • Fixed 2 server lag exploits with default properties
  • Fixed "join game" not showing up in Steam for P2P games after a changelevel
  • Implement Steam chat filter to the default chat box (profanity filter is toggleable in the Filters section of the default chatbox, Steam preferences apply)
  • Added string = util.FilterText( input, context, player )
  • Added TEXT FILTER enums
  • Added safeguards to DownloadUGC when Steam sends us a null SteamUGCQueryCompleted_t
  • Disabling hoverballs now adjusts their mass so they are not abnormally heavy when disabled, improved duplicator support for the disabled state

You can read the patch notes via Steam as well.

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