Galactic Paragons Coming to Stellaris May 9

Get ready for a big change.
Get ready for a big change. Paradox Interactive

A big change is once again coming to Stellaris. The Galactic Paragons expansion is set to introduce story progression and deeper character, allowing players to customize, fine-tune, and improve leaders. This upcoming expansion launches May 9.

Here's what players can expect from Galactic Paragons:

  • Unique Council Roles
    • Specialized roles and benefits are included in Galactic Paragons to expand upon the new Council Mechanics in the game.
    • Find dozens of unique council roles based on civics and government types.
    • Players can unlock additional positions as their empire evolves.
  • New Dynamic Leaders
    • Recruit, improve, and follow the leaders of the empire through the ages.
    • Players can shape them by picking their traits and selecting their veteran class.
    • Players can also guide these leaders toward their destiny until they retire or die.
  • Meet Galactic Heroes
    • Attract paragons of renown to the council.
    • There are unique leaders with their own art, events, and stories who may join your empire and bring their own benefits to the government.
    • Get to discover four Legendary Paragons with intricate event chains and unique mechanics.
  • New Traditions, Civics, and More
    • Players can experience the new “Under One Rule” Origin which tells the tale of the leader who founded their empire.
    • Eight new Civics available focused on leadership, including immortalizing the personalities of leaders past in digital archives and heavily optimized council selection via corporate charter.
  • 12 new Veteran Classes.
  • Hundreds of new Leader Traits.
  • Two new Tradition Trees which give players new edicts and improved leaders.
  • New ships, art, and story content.

In a statement, Stellaris Game Director Stephen Muray shared that there are endless stories waiting to be told in the Stellaris universe. He added that this upcoming expansion perfectly shows the commitment of the team in expanding the ways in which players can explore this wondrous and vast galaxy.

New Update

When the new expansion goes live, players can also look forward to the 3.8 Gemini update which comes with quality-of-life updates. The highlights are the two multiplayer game modes:

  • Cooperative PvE
    • Allows players to join together as a single empire to take on enemy empires. This is a good way for them to teach their friends how to play the game.
    • Those who want a more relaxed gaming experience can divide the responsibilities of empire management.
  • Cooperative PvP
    • Allows groups of players to join opposing empires to fight against each other.
    • Splitting up duties lowers barriers to entry of competitive multiplayer by being less overwhelming.
    • For more competitive players, empires can also be locked and require a password.

These two modes are currently in open beta.

You can now wishlist Galactic Paragons for Stellaris on Steam. Stellaris is available on PC.

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