Frozenheim: Update v1.2 Features Vastly Improved AI and More

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Paranoid Interactive finally launched Update v1.2 for the Norse colony sim Frozenheim after several weeks of playtesting. This patch features a complete rework of the AI logic, meaning players might have a more challenging time dealing with enemies now than before.

Frozenheim’s Update v1.2 also includes other new features, such as the ability to auto-attack enemy buildings within range and militia support for AI. The latter means that the AI will now readily turn their lowly villagers into battle-ready peasant militia when the need arises.

This patch implements a few nerfs as well. First, the Battering Ram’s HP is reduced from 1,100 to 900. Second, archer damage is decreased to 35, likely as a measure to lower their insanely high potential to turn the tide of battle because players can recruit them early on. And third, the damage done by the Battering Ram is reduced considerably by 200 points and is now set at 600 (from 800 previously).

Patch Notes

  • Added indicator for hunting areas
  • Added slinger unit
  • Added endgame statistics
  • Changed balance of campaign “Rebellion”
  • Balance changes and cost adjustments for tech tree
  • Limit militia teams count by Townhall level
  • Improvements for campaign “Fall”
  • Fix for multiple crashes in multiplayer
  • Fix for waves not spawning in some cases on island maps
  • Improvements for sound ranges
  • Fix for odin's blessing not working properly in some cases
  • Fix tech tree costs after use of Odin’s Blessing
  • Fix for runestone count display issues
  • Fix for combat abilities on leaving boat
  • Fixes for loading multiplayer games
  • Fix for hero shortcut not working properly in MP
  • Fix for loading trees in multiplayer game save
  • AI can build Outposts
  • AI use siege weapons
  • AI building system rework
  • AI use marketplace
  • AI rebuilds buildings after destruction
  • Fixed sound and skip action of game intro
  • Fixes for ship disembark and navigation
  • Fixed support of water for procedural maps
  • Improvements for unit movement during combat
  • Fix issues with cinematic in campaign 4
  • Fix for not being able to upgrade buildings in some cases
  • Fix for align to units with shortcut
  • Performance improvements for large unit count
  • Fix team display after loading on generated maps
  • Fix for AI getting stuck after destroying Victory hall
  • Fix hunting zone indicators appearing over Fog
  • Fix for AI resource gathering issues in some cases
  • Fix for catapults not attacking in some cases
  • Fixes for cursor not changing properly in some cases
  • Fix for Ships can moor into buildings on the shore
  • Fix for campaign mission not unlocking correctly in some cases
  • Fix for archers standing back during combat in some cases
  • Fix for mission cinematics replaying after load
  • Fix for camera going underwater in photo mode
  • Block building placement over boats
  • Fix for time deceleration key causing camera jump out of level
  • Fix for ships getting stuck on shallow shores
  • Hide the upgrade button when placing buildings
  • Fix for being able to target buildings under Fog Of War
  • Small fixes on Alfar’s Hideout and Chilling Lake maps

Frozenheim Update v1.2 is available on PC.

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