Frozenheim: Hotfix 0.7.3 Adds Spectator Mode and Balancing Changes

Frozenheim Hotfix 0.7.3
Frozenheim Hotfix 0.7.3 Steam

Developer Paranoid Interactive has released Hotfix 0.7.3 for Frozenheim. This update adds a few new features and some needed bug fixes and improvements.

Frozenheim is a Norse city builder and RTS game where you lead a Viking clan to the frozen north. Build settlements from nothing and hunt for resources to survive in the frigid landscape. Set sail into the vast sea, explore as many areas as you can, and conquer lands along the way.

The latest hotfix has added some pretty useful features. The first is that spectator mode is now on multiplayer to let you watch other people play when you’ve lost the match. The second is that Settlers can now be recruited in outposts. Lastly, multiple warning systems are added to help you know which things on the battlefield require your attention the most.

In terms of improvements, you can now build palisades deep in the coast, which can help thwart attackers from advancing. Performance improvements have also been implemented across the board, so the game feels smoother than before.


  • Improved responsiveness of attack order
  • Add archer skill when on naval unit
  • Improvements for warrior movement
  • Improvements for UI scaling
  • Improvements for building snapping system
  • Improvement for ESC key behavior in all HUD panels
  • Added missing interface sounds
  • Performance improvements
  • Fix multiple game crashes
  • Fix issues with a barricade in Kairve campaign 1
  • Fixes and quest improvements of Kairve campaign
  • Fix scaling of campaign menu for different resolutions
  • Fix for hunter’s hut banner not updating properly
  • Fix for warship getting stuck in some cases after the battle
  • Fix for repair button not working in some cases
  • Fix for watchtowers not dealing damage in some cases [MP]
  • Fix for weaponsmith panel upgrade queue
  • Fix for visibility of naval units during cinematics
  • Fix scout moving to “Vision” skill location
  • Fix bandits spawning in mid-air [MP]
  • Fixes for orchard scaling and replication
  • Fix granary not updating properly after destruction
  • Fix autosaves displaying wrong info when overridden
  • Removed rioting villagers penalty
  • Increased delay between penalties 2x
  • Reduced amount of deserting from 1 team to 1 warrior
  • Reduced amount of leaving workers to 2
  • Limit amount of stolen resources
  • Reduced Feast Cost

Frozenheim Hotfix 0.7.3 is available on PC.

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