Frozenheim Now Out of Steam Early Access; Hotfix Released to Resolve Post-launch issues

Hotfix Steam

The Norse colony sim game Frozenheim is now out of Steam Early Access. While the small indie development team, Paranoid Interactive, did its job of delivering the best possible experience, the game’s full launch brought about more issues than the company expected. This is the reason why Hotfix was deployed to resolve some of the post-launch issues.

So, what are the major bugs that got fixed in Hotfix In this update, a fix for waves that were not spawning on island maps in some cases is included. Another is the fix for an issue where players were unable to gather resources on some maps due to deposits being underground.

One of the things that make Frozenheim enjoyable is its multiplayer aspect. The idea of raiding other players’ territories is fun and exciting. That said, this update addresses some issues with multiplayer as well, such as crashes and loading problems in multiplayer games.

Patch Notes

  • Improvements for sound ranges
  • Fix for Odin's blessing not working properly in some cases
  • Fix tech tree costs after use of Odin’s Blessing
  • Fix for runestone count display issues
  • Fix for combat abilities on leaving the boat
  • Fixes for deer outline on clients in MP
  • Fix for hero shortcut not working properly in MP
  • Fix for loading trees in multiplayer game save
  • Life bars status visible on the unit no longer shows a different value than one on the unit portrait
  • Fixed word wrap and letters occasionally being cut in the multiplayer chat
  • Fixed an optional neutral quest where bandits would not try to destroy a target village
  • Minor tweaks to new and older maps should help with units pathfinding
  • Players no longer are able to be placed on the water in Procedural Maps
  • Fixed issue with Victory Hall during Multiplayer games
  • Voice overs will no longer play after leaving the campaign mission
  • The cursor is now correctly updated upon game launch
  • Fixed Valhalla achievement
  • AI now adds random upgrades for AI Heroes when they gain level
  • Smoke from Bloomery and Hunters Hut is no longer visible via fog of war
  • Large and Very Large Procedural Maps will now spawn players in their target spots in Multiplayer
  • Minor fixes for Wolf (Sigrid) campaign
  • Minor fixes for Bear (Thorstein) campaign
  • Minor fixes for a few cinematics
  • Fixed levitating buildings in mission "Revival"
  • Fixed rocks placement on the cliff in the mission "The Main Land"
  • Add indicator for hunting areas

Frozenheim Hotfix is available on PC.

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