Foundation: Roadmap Reveals Five Major Releases Before Getting Out of Early Access

See what's being planned.
See what's being planned. Polymorph Games

While there's still no word on when Foundation is coming out of early access, we at least get to know what to expect before that happens. Polymorph Games revealed the game’s latest roadmap that shows five planned major releases before early access ends. There will also be minor features and new quality-of-life changes along the way.

The upcoming five major releases are:

  • Residential Density and Safety Concept
    • This is all about adding Safety, a tool to control the density of housings in specific zones.
    • Safety is also used and extended by the Castle in the Kingdom progression path
    • It also integrates the walls into the construction flow.
  • The Castle (Kingdom Progression Path)
    • In addition to the new Castle monument, players can expect more gameplay options from overhauled military missions, including squads.
    • There is also more interaction with the new safety concept.
  • Labor Progression Path
    • This update rounds off the final Estate gameplay and its visual overhaul.
    • It's going to focus on giving the tools to improve happiness and taxation capabilities.
  • Environment Rehaul
    • The building and environment visuals are going to be revamped.
  • End of Early Access Release
    • This one is going to have all the completed game content along with improved residential zoning and tier 3 housing.

Minor Releases

For the planned minor features and new quality-of-life changes, here's what to expect:

  • Continuous Monument Experience Improvements
  • Continuous Map Generator Improvements
  • Continuous Quality-of-Life Improvements
  • Continuous Accessibility Improvements
  • Continuous Modding Improvements
  • Continuous Balancing Improvements
  • New Productions Buildings and Production Building Extensions
  • Scalable Quests
  • New Mandates
  • New Information Layers
  • Job XP Implementation
  • Paved Roads

From a Settlement to a City

Foundation is a gridless and laidback medieval city-building game that focuses on organic development, monument construction, and resource management. Features of the game include:

  • Organic urbanism
    • Create gridless and organically sprawling cities that grow like medieval cities of the period.
  • Thrive and prosper
    • Weave a complex web of interactions between inhabitants’ needs and skills, resource availability, extraction, and goods production.
  • Flexible building creation
    • Craft and design unique freeform buildings like Taverns, Keeps, Churches, through a system of interlocking building parts.
  • Interact with the Estates of the Realm
    • Develop the splendor of the village and raise reputation among the different Estates of the Realm to gain access to exclusive buildings and perks.
  • Modding community and support
    • Create and share own characters, buildings, quests, terrains, and even visual and gameplay tweaks with Lua and
  • Original soundtrack
    • Enjoy the blissful soundtrack by Audinity.

Foundation is now on early access on Steam and GOG.

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