Black Desert Online: Major Content Roadmap Revealed

A lot of new things coming soon.
A lot of new things coming soon. Pearl Abyss

During the Heidel Ball Livestream for Black Desert Online, fans were given a look at the major content roadmap. There’s a lot to be excited about, especially when it was revealed that there will not only be new content but also a new co-op dungeon and new region.

Before we take a look into them, let's share first the in-game coupon codes revealed during the event. These are:

    • Valid from September 24 to December 6.
    • Comes with J’s Hammer of Loyalty, Advice of Valks (+150), 2,000 Cron Stones and more.
  • HEID-ELBA-LL20-2209
    • Valid from September 28 to December 6.
    • Comes with Secret Scroll of Pure Equilibrium that can be used to transfer character’s level, experience points, inventory spaces.

New Content

Titled Abyss One: The Magnus, it’s another world that long coexisted with that of Black Desert. Since this unseen realm isn’t bound by time and space, it offers players different challenges and adventures that can’t be found easily in the main world. For example, once in The Magnus, players can travel to special areas known as “Abysses,” where they can encounter missions and quests unique to the theme and storyline of each Abyss.

These Abysses can be accessed through wells and used as a new means of transportation to other territories within the game. Abyss One: The Magnus launches worldwide on October 12.

New Co-op Dungeon

Atoraxxion: Yolunakea is the third co-op dungeon in the game, and it’s set in the ruins of an ancient forest. This dungeon not only offers epic monster battles but also thought-provoking puzzles. There will be an in-depth exploration of lore as well, made possible through a fast-paced story-driven questline.

At the end of this dungeon lies the new challenging boss called “Amarillos.” This one evolves into a new form with more strength and power each time it’s taken down. The difficulty of this dungeon is the same to the co-op dungeon “Sycrakea.” The dungeon opens to all players this November.

New Region

While the new content and new co-op are released, there’s another thing that players should be excited about. It’s The Land of the Morning Light, a new region currently in development. This one is inspired by the Joseon Dynasty, the last dynastic kingdom of Korea.

This new region features unique terrain, buildings, and vegetation reminiscent of the era. Players can expect exciting quests based on Korean myth and folklore.

Black Desert is a sandbox living-world MMORPG released in 2016. It was initially offered on PC but versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were later released in 2019. A mobile version titled Black Desert Mobile was launched in 2019 on Android and iOS.

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