Dysterra 2023 Roadmap Shows Content Drops Each Month

Good news for 2023.
Good news for 2023. Reality MagiQ

It was only a few months back when Dysterra was launched on Steam Early Access. Developer Reality MagiQ isn't slowing down, with new features and content planned for release, revealed in the 2023 roadmap.

The development team revealed in a post that since the initial release on PC, they've not only been working to improve the game but also coming up with a pipeline of upcoming content for everyone to enjoy. The short-term plan involves fixing bugs, optimizing performance, improving in-game balance, and listening to community feedback. Then, for the next two months, there will be quality-of-life features releases including emotes, chat enhancement, and ping system improvements.

Here's what players can expect to see in the game this year:

  • New Content
    • Players can expect new content to be added regularly throughout the year.
    • There are more gameplay elements to experiment with thanks to new events, resources, items, and even NPCs.
    • These new additions help expand the backstory and world-building of the game.
  • New Weapons and Items
    • A variety of weapons and supplemental items are going to be introduced every month.
    • New guns and auxiliary items increase the number of loadout options possible.
    • This should allow for more varied playstyles and combat scenarios.
  • Housing Features and Decorations
    • In a survival game, housing plays an important role.
    • New decorations and housing features allow players to customize their base further to get better comfort and protection.
  • Clans and Vehicles
    • In a future update, a Clan system is going to be added, a response to player feedback.
    • This allows larger scale team fights between players as they battle over territories and servers.

Dysterra is a survival shooter set on a destroyed future Earth. Mankind has made rapid progress due to the discovery of TerraSite but their homeworld now faces annihilation. To stay alive, players need to strategize while securing food and gear and coming up with shelter. They can also forge weapons and armor and develop alliances.

One of the features that make Dysterra unique is the survival systems, which include item crafting and intuitive base-building. Another important feature is that the game removes barriers that players of the genre typically complain about. For example, players start each with a sidearm and rifle, cutting the time needed to engage enemies. Meanwhile, the high-tech machine arm helps increase crafting and gathering resources. Overall, the design choices are to make sure that the game remains action focused while still accessible to newcomers.

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