Fortnite Shares The Love (And War) This Valentine's Day

The Maiden of Mayhem is here.
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All's fair.
All's fair. Epic Games

Fortnite is launching its very first big event of the year with Love and War. This is your chance to team up with that special squadmate and complete challenges. There's also a new limited-time mode introduced and new rewards. Don't take too long to decide, as the event ends on February 17.

This month's LTM is Search and Destroy, which is a classic Attack and Defend mode. Defeat your opponents and be sure to survive. Remember that all is fair in Love and War. Here's what you need to remember for this LTM:

  • Teams of 6
  • Up to 7 rounds
    • The team that wins 4 rounds gets total victory.
  • Attackers need to destroy the bomb side while Defenders need to protect.
    • Victory can also be declared when the one team is eliminated.
  • Gold is earned by:
    • eliminating enemies
    • planting or defusing objectives
    • completing rounds
  • Gold can be used to buy:
    • weapons
    • shields
    • additional building materials
  • Gold carries over from round to round but resets after switching sides.

Those who play the Search and Destroy LTM can complete Love and War challenges and unlock free cosmetic rewards. The final rewards pair perfectly with a soon to be released Clash cosmetic set.

The Love and War event also brings new Outfits in the Item Shop.

Meet the Fantabulous One

Gotham's Maiden of Mayhem Harley Quinn is officially now in Fortnite. Head on over to the Item Shop, which now offers the Harley Quinn Bundle. This includes the Harley Quinn Outfit, Harley Hitter, and Punchline Pickaxes. You can also transform Harley from the Lil Monster XoXo Harley to Always Fantabulous Harley. Here's how you do it:

  • Place top 30 in Solo, Duos, or Squads, then top 20, then top 10.
  • Hit weak points.
  • Deal damage using Pickaxes.

Harley Quinn is available in the Item Shop until February 17.

Fantabulous! Epic Games

Fortnite has been known to have superhero crossovers in the past with Thanos and Batman making appearances recently. Though not a superhero in the strictest sense, John Wick has also been part of the game. Harley's addition to Fortnite celebrates the upcoming film Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). A follow-up to the Suicide Squad film, it stars Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Huntress), Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Black Canary), Rosie Perez (Renee Montoya), Chris Messina (Victor Zsasz), Ella Jay Basco (Cassandra Cain), Ali Wong (Ellen Yee), and Ewan McGregor (Black Mask).

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