Fortnite Release Schedule Teases Valentine’s Day Update & New Weapon

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Fortnite Valentines Day Update
Fortnite Save The World will be getting significant updates through February. Expect tweaks to movement, menus and expeditions. Fortnite is in early access across PS4, Xbox One and PC. EPIC GAMES

Fortnite Save The World just got a huge jolt from Thursday’s 2.3 update, but Epic Games wants fans to know there’s much more to come. In the latest “State Of Development” reddit post, the team outlined all major patch releases through the end of February. Prepare for some Valentine’s Day and spring festivities in the weeks ahead.

Here’s a quick recap of everything we know. All release dates listed here are approximations based on recent progress.


Patch 2.4 (Jan. 31)

  • Cozy Campfire added to StW. Read more details here.
  • Context Sensitive Menus - Easier to take action within the menus
  • Expedition Improvements - Expeditions can be established for people and resources
  • Fix for incorrect tooltips
  • Fix for incorrect or no player names showing up for party members.


Patch 2.5 (Feb. 7)

  • Valentine’s Event: Special Valentine’s questline - A Love Story. Also has themed heroes and Cupid Crossbow weapon.


Patch 2.6 (Feb. 14)

  • “Spring It On” Event with new quest and Event Store items
  • Overhauled orchestral music
  • Optional higher difficulty for increased rewards


Patch 3.0 (Feb. 21)

  • Stamina rework part 1
  • Quest Map improvements
  • “Spring It On” week 2 adds full questline
  • New Event Store Items
  • Inventory with crafting in FE.


In other words, while some of Fortnite Save The World’s most passionate players feel Epic has abandoned them in favor of Battle Royale, the team wants supporters to know both modes have a clear path for improvement. While update 3.0 brings lots of improvements to the campaign experience, however, there’s still plenty of work to be done before Save The World is ready for its free public release. After all, only one pass on movement will be finished by February. The exact nature of these movement refinements has yet to be detailed, but we imagine sprinting might have less impact on character ability than it does today.

Fortnite campaign 2
Fortnite Save The World will be updated significantly through February, but a full release date still seems far off. Photo: Epic Games

An official release date for Save The World has not been revealed, but the current plan is to put it out in 2018 once network engineers are totally sure its servers can handle the load brought on by increased player counts.

This Fortnite update release schedule was posted days before the game’s 2.3 update that brought the Chug Jug item to Battle Royale. Save The World players are currently enjoying the uptick in Mutant Storms that should offer plenty of extra currency.

Fortnite is available in early access across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of this release schedule for Fortnite’s future updates? Which of these listed changes are you looking forward to most? Tell us in the comments section!

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