New Aim Assist Arrives In Fortnite 10.40

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The new patch is here and introduces a bunch of changes.
The new patch is here and introduces a bunch of changes. Epic Games

Epic Games has just released update 10.40 in Fortnite, bringing in a slew of major changes to the game. Not only does it include the previously announced matchmaking system, but it also adds the newly-revealed aim assist system update meant for controllers.

The new controller aim assist system is clearly the most exciting aspect of the update. It offers what the studio promises as “a more consistent feel” regardless of the distance of the target and its location. The new system basically adjusts the aim assist strength solely based on how far the target is located from the weapon’s circle.

Also, the new aim assist system in Fortnite is designed to track more than one target. To even make it more effective in cases like this, Epic Games included a weighting algorithm to help in assisting the player’s aim.

The studio revealed how beneficial these changes will be. For instance, the new algorithm is going to address game situations in which the arrival of new targets in the field can make the player lose his aim assistance for the target he is focusing on. Interestingly, due to these changes, players will no longer be able to use the “Left trigger spam” to abuse the system.

Apart from the new system, the new Fortnite update also introduces new controller sensitivity options and quality of life improvements. In addition, consistent diagonal aiming will finally be doable and players can edit sensitivity multipliers, build sensitivity multipliers, and increase the max multipliers for the Build and Edit mode.

Another exciting addition from the Fortnite 10.40 update is the arrival of The Combine. It is basically a playlist players can use to put their “skills and muscle memory to the test.” The idea is to reach the end of The Combine as fast as possible, but it must be done while taking down targets as the campaign runs. This mode gives players the opportunity to warm up, compete with others, or test their newly-adjusted settings.

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