Fortnite Offering New Monthly Subscription Service with Fortnite Crew

We also take a look at what’s happening so far in the game.
See what this new subscription has to offer.
See what this new subscription has to offer. Epic Games

Fortnite announced the planned launch of Fortnite Crew on December 2. It is a monthly subscription service available for $11.99. The service is arriving at the same time as Chapter 2 – Season 5.

Here’s what players can get with this new offer:

  • Battle Pass Included for the full Season
  • 1,000 V-Bucks Each Month
  • Get A New Monthly Crew Pack
    • Contains a new Outfit and at least one accessory.
    • All items are exclusive to members.

If you're interested, you can get Fortnite Crew from either the Item Shop or the Battle Pass purchase screen. Players who already have the Battle Pass of the current season get 950 V-Bucks returned to their account after subscribing.

For the Monthly Crew Pack, the one for December will offer the Galaxia Outfit and Style. It will also offer the Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling.

A Goodie with a Purchase

Fortnite revealed its partnership with Intel for an interesting goodie. Those who'll buy selected Intel-powered 9th, 10th, or 11th gen Intel Core for PCs will get a chance to unlock the Splash Squadron Set. This is exclusive to Windows PCs.

See what this latest collab has to offer.
See what this latest collab has to offer. Epic Games

Read more about the offer here.

Something Big this Way Comes

Aside from those, there’s another big thing arriving at Fortnite. How big? Think planet-devouring big. Can you guess? It’s none other than the cosmic entity known as Galactus. His one-time arrival at the Nexus War finale event is set on December 1 at 4:00 PM.

The big one is arriving.
The big one is arriving. Epic Games

For those who’ve been playing Fortnite, the arrival of Galactus shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, what would you expect when heroes and villains from Marvel join the game? You can read more about Marvel appearing in Fortnite here.

To prepare for Galactus, make sure that the game is updated to version 14.60. Download the Houseparty too. It lets players make live video chats in the game. Learn more about that collaboration here.

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