Fortnite: Creative Gives Players New Ways To Feature Creations

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New features coming.
New features coming. Epic Games

In the latest patch, Fortnite: Creative now gives players a new way to feature their creations. Template Islands are also going to be offered along with Haunted House Prefabs.

Fortnite: Creative is now going to have what is known as Featured Hubs, where players can house their saved creations and featured community games. With this, players now have a chance to feature their artistry for all others to experience. You can learn more about Featured Hubs here.

There are also going to be Lock and Button Devices that function as a lock and key mechanic. The Conditional Button Device is going to be the “key” to opening doors that are controlled through the Lock Device.

The new patch also adds two new islands: Grassy Hill Hub and Shoreline Island. For the Prefabs & Galleries, players can expect these changes:

  • Added 4 New Prefabs
    • Haunted Mansion
    • Haunted Manor
    • Haunted Observatory
    • Haunted Homestead
  • Added 6 New Galleries
    • Haunted Prop Gallery
    • Haunted Wall Gallery
    • Haunted Floor & Stair Gallery
    • Haunted Roof Gallery
    • Variant Foliage Gallery
      • Newly Released Foliage for Chapter 2.
    • Variant Rock Gallery
      • Newly Released Rocks for Chapter 2.
  • Added Triangle Walls to the Pueblo Gallery.
  • Added 3 Purple Lightning Particles to the Spooky Particle Gallery.

In addition to new features and new content, the new patch brings a number of bug fixes. These are:

  • Gameplay Bug Fixes
    • The game no longer ends immediately if Last Standing was set to “On” and one team had infinite spawns.
    • Fixed an issue where the game would not end properly if Last Standing was set to “On” and After Last Spawn Go To was set to a team which had infinite spawns.
    • Players no longer lose functionality after being eliminated by a spike trap while gliding.
    • Improved the time it takes for games to start.
  • Prefabs & Galleries Bug Fixes
    • Balloon Witch and Spiders from the Spooky Prop Gallery were updated with new floating animations.
    • Increased the Preview Volume for Ring Gallery A, so that assets would not spawn outside of the island boundaries.
    • The phone will once again interact properly with the Chicken Leg and Chicken Feathers from the Cabins Prop Gallery.
    • The phone now interacts properly with the Green Leafy Plant from the Outdoor Residential Prop Gallery.
    • Fixed multiple props from the Spooky Prop Gallery which had an invisible underside.
    • Fixed an issue where a floor tile from the Decayed Villain Lair Gallery could not be destroyed.
    • Cars from the Car Gallery B Gallery will no longer show lighting effects when the headlights are off.

You can view all changes coming to Fortnite: Creative with the patch here.

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