Forspoken Worldwide Release Set for May 24

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We finally know when Forspoken is coming out and it’s on May 24, 2022. The game offers a narrative-driven adventure where characters exist in an open world and travel anywhere at any time. It’s going to be available on PC and PlayStation 5.

The announcement of the release date was done during the recently held Game Awards 2021. During the same event, developer Luminous Productions revealed a new trailer for its debut title. You can watch it below:

For those not able to watch the trailer, it showed a closer look at Athia and some of its last remaining citizens. We also learned about an imminent corruption known as the “Break,” a miasma that corrupts everything it touches. The main character is Frey Holland, who has been transported to this land and now serves as a beacon of hope for the land of Athia.

The trailer also gave us a glimpse of the gameplay like Frey learning how to use magic parkour to travel across this unknown land. Next are her magic abilities that she can use against dangerous beasts of the land like Breakzombies and Jabberwock.

We’re also introduced to a new character named Tanta Prav, the evil sorceress. She’s voiced by Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadish of The Walking Dead ) who shared in a statement that it was wild playing this character and she is excited for players to finally meet her. Pollyanna teased that she could prove to be a rather ruthless adversary for players.

Pre-Orders Now

Pre-order of the game is now available on its official website with players having a choice between Digital Standard and Digital Deluxe editions. In addition to the full game, the Deluxe Edition also has these bonuses:

  • Mini Artbook (Digital Download)
  • Mini Soundtrack (Digital Download)
  • Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust prequel story DLC
  • Rare Resource Kit. This is only offered for the PS5 version.

Up for grabs as well for those who get Deluxe Edition are these:

  • PS5
    • No Limits Cloak
    • Symbol Combo Necklace
    • Trigger Happy Nails
    • Crafting Starter Kit
  • PC
    • Elite Cloak
    • Spectra Combo Necklace
    • Overclock Nails

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