Forestpia: Get Ready for a Toasty New Year Event

It's a happy new year.
It's a happy new year. Gamtropy

A new update is now live for the island life simulation game Forestopia and everyone is invited to be part of the Toasty New Year Event, running throughout the whole month of January.

During the event, all players need to do is collect the Golden Rabbit Coins that appear from daily quests and departures. These can be exchanged for different items like the "Terrarium of the Year of the Rabbit," which features animals celebrating the New Year. Then, there is the "New Year Rabbit Box" which comes with decorations perfect for putting the island in a mood for the new year.

In addition to the event, there's also the New Year's Pack with the "Rabbit Year Terrarium" that brings the special "New Year Cat Terrarium." This sale is offered for January 2023.

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As mentioned, an update was released and added the dress-up function, letting players change the appearance of Yeti. That's not all since it's now possible to change clothes for each part of the Yeti, which means the head, neck, body, and even back.

To make things even more exciting, eight kinds of costumes have been added. In addition, "The New Year Scarf" will have a vivid vermillion color with a pattern just perfect for the season. This item is offered from January 1 to 31 as well.

Finally, new animals are added to permanent terrariums like the Plains Terrarium and Reef Terrarium. Don't forget to collect food and meet new animals.

Forestopia was released in October 2022 on Android and iOS. It's the latest title to come from Gamtropy, the same studio that developed Desertopia . To make sure that the new game would have the same excitement as the previous one, significant changes have been made like improved operability, improved UI and UX, and being optimized for the mobile platform.

In Forestopia, players create their favorite island through various items like stylish decorations and cute flowers. Players can also come up with a cute terrarium and cute animals living on their island. That said, don't forget to collect seeds and food and avoid hazardous materials.

Learn more about Forestopia here.

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