First Class Trouble Celebrates Lunar New Year with New Content Pack

Celebrate the Lunar New Year.
Celebrate the Lunar New Year. Versus Evil

A new content pack is now available in First Class Trouble as part of the Lunar New Year celebration. It's available on Steam for PC and PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

One of the things players can look forward to is the DLC pack, which brings a wide range of Lunar New Year-inspired outfits. Players can customize the wardrobe of their characters with different New Year party accessories, such as hand fans, a Chinese dragon mask, a New Year dress, a two-piece suit, and shoes.

It's not just the wardrobe since everything has been spruced up for the Lunar New Year. Check out the changes in the Gardens, Resort, Casino, and Restaurant.

New Items

The highlight of the new content pack is the two new items. The first is the Padlock, a new item offering a new mechanic where players can now lock syringe stands so they take longer to open. It’s going to be visible on Syringe Stands.

The second item is the Proximity Scanner. This is a reimagination of the Corpse Scanner, which a lot of players thought gave out too much information. This item can be used on a corpse and detects smell to identify the two people that were closest to the person who died. It's only going to share this information with the immediate user.

Tweaks and Bug Fixes

The new content pack arrives with Update which also brings these changes:

  • Tweaks
    • Added Proximity Scanner to all main levels.
    • Added Padlock to all main levels.
    • Optimized the ski resort white-out particle effects so it is less taxing on lower-end systems.
    • Optimized various LOD instances on the Ski Resort.
    • Added more localized texts in regards to language-based matchmaking.
    • Reverted the visibility of items in players' hands.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the Symbol Puzzle screens being turned off.
    • Fixed an issue where you could pick up corpses from people eaten by plants to activate other plants.
    • Fixed trails on items and various other UI effects.

First Class Trouble is a game where players must work together and against each other to survive a disaster. The goal is to shut down a deadly AI but it won't be easy since some players are impostors and secretly playing as human-looking killer robots with the intent of betraying other players.

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