Learn More About the Financial Districts Launching in Cities: Skylines

Time to bring in the greens.
Time to bring in the greens. Paradox Interactive

Last month, it was announced that new content was coming to Cities: Skylines, and most of these are already available. This coming December 13, players are going to be introduced to the Financial Districts that offer players new financial opportunities like being able to invest in city services, providing banks for citizens, and even creating a central business district with new Financial Offices specialization.

Today, we'll take a look at three main features: Stock Exchange, Investments, and Banks and Financial Offices.

The Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange is considered the heart of Financial Districts for it functions as the financial hub of the city and unlocks both banks and investments. However, it's more than just a unique building that increases the attractiveness of the city.

It also provides a tax bonus to any surrounding buildings of the new Financial Offices specialization. In addition, it can be upgraded to unlock more buildings and raise the tax bonus from Financial Offices and its radius of effect.

Once the Stock Exchange reaches level five, it’s now possible to construct the International Trade Building. While it does offer a similar tax bonus like the Stock Exchange, it can't be leveled up, so it must be placed strategically to maximize the effect.

Make Investments

Investments are the second feature of Financial Districts, giving players a new chance to earn money for their city but for a certain amount of risk. For example, it may be possible to grow the city's funds through investments but may not be accessible in cases of emergencies.

Just remember that each investment comes with a different risk and potential for success, so choose wisely.

Banks and Financial Offices

Banks are a new service available for those who own Financial Districts. These provide a cash transport service for commercial buildings to lower the risk of crime happening. Banks come in three different sizes with the first one available once the Stock Exchange reaches level two. Larger options unlock as the Stock Exchange reaches higher levels.

Meanwhile, Financial Offices are the district specialization that can be applied to a district, and they not only change the look of office buildings but also how these buildings work. Financial Offices pay a higher tax than regular offices but lower happiness.

Check out what else Financial Districts have to offer here. Cities: Skylines is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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