Cities: Skylines to Introduce 10 New Plazas in Upcoming Expansion

Learn more about the upcoming expansion.
Learn more about the upcoming expansion. Colossal Order

Plazas and Promenades is an expansion of Cities: Skylines available for $14.99. Developer Colossal Order revealed 10 new plazas, with some already available after players create their first pedestrian. Others need players to reach certain goals before they can be unlocked. Regardless, they give the citizens and tourists entertainment.

Plazas were designed to have pedestrian streets. Some have been placed across the road allowing them to serve as decoration on both sides. These can be used with small or large roads, and they're placeable on both pedestrian streets and regular roads.

It goes without saying that plazas aren’t the only way to decorate an area. There are 23 new props and 20 new decals also made available. These items provide a colorful modern look to the city and allow players to put a personal touch on their pedestrian areas.

New Service Buildings

Players can also look forward to a selection of new service buildings. There are six new service buildings and five new public transportation buildings; all of them show a modern style and have high capacity.

The High-Capacity Elementary School, for example, is a bit larger than other schools. This one can accommodate as many as 800 students ideal for neighborhoods that have many families. There's also the High-Capacity High School, with a capacity of 2,400, which can educate more than twice as many students as the existing ones. Finally, the High-Capacity University can accept up to 10,000 students at a time.

Other High-Capacity buildings include the Hospital, Police Headquarters, and Fire Station. The Hospital can accept a higher number of patients while the latter two can have more vehicles.

Public Transportation Buildings

In addition to Service Buildings, players can also access Public Transportation Buildings. The Compact Bus Station, for example, uses up little space but has four bus stops. This allows players easy transfer between multiple lines. Meanwhile, the Elevated Train Station moves tracks off the ground to allow for zoning between the building and the street.

Learn more about what’s being planned here. Cities: Skylines is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

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