Cities: Skylines Getting a Bunch of New Content with World Tour

Are you ready for the World Tour?
Are you ready for the World Tour? Paradox Interactive

The year may be almost over but in Cities: Skylines, the fun is just getting started. Everyone, get ready for the World Tour! This is a series of updates and releases that represent a different region around the world.

The first set of new content comes out on November 15 with content creator packs Heart of Korea and Skyscrapers, along with two radio stations and a free update. The next set drops December 13 introducing Financial Districts, a new “mini expansion” from Colossal Order. The second leg of the tour also brings a new map pack and the third radio station.

The World Tour then continues in 2023 with Africa in Miniature. This is a content creator pack developed in partnership with independent Nigerian developers. It’s also during this time that another new radio station becomes available.

Here's what players can look forward to when the World Tour starts:

  • Heart of Korea Content Creator Pack (by Elvis)
    • This pack is inspired by a South Korean metropolis and introduces 60 assets that include service buildings, growables, and unique structures.
    • It comes out November 15, priced at $5.99.
    • The “K-Pop” Radio Station also arrives, priced at $3.99.
  • Skyscrapers Content Creator Pack (by Feinbold)
    • Enjoy more than 15 skyscrapers influenced by iconic high rises from all over the world.
    • Skyscrapers arrives on November 15, priced at $5.99.
    • The “'80’s Downtown Beat” Radio Station comes out as well, priced at $3.99.
  • Financial Districts
    • This is Colossal Order's next mini-expansion which boosts the economy of the city with a financial district.
    • It introduces the "investment" feature along with more than 100 assets to the game. Here, players can use their funds to invest in the best industries for their population.
    • The Financial Districts releases on December 13 along with the content creator pack “Map Pack 2” which adds 10 new maps to explore different biomes.
  • ​Players can buy the African Vibes Radio Station on December 13 which comes with 16 tracks that's sure to inspire every city planner.
  • Africa in Miniature is scheduled for release in 2023 with a new Radio Station called JADIA (Just Another Day in Africa).

Free Update

There’s going to be a free update coming out the same day as the start of the World Tour. This new update introduces free content not just to the base game but also to the After Dark, Snowfall, and Plazas & Promenades expansions. Keep a look out for different capacity vehicles like buses and trams and different types of roads having multiple lanes, tracks, and bicycle lanes.

Cities: Skylines is going to be free-to-try on Steam from November 10 to November 14. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

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