Cities: Skylines Plazas and Promenades Expansion Now Out on PC and Consoles

Power to the pedestrian.
Power to the pedestrian. Paradox Interactive

It’s time to give power to the pedestrians! The Plazas and Promenades expansion for Cities: Skylines is now available on Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for $14.99. Along with this new expansion, players can also look forward to two content creator packs and two additional radio packs.

Plazas and Promenades introduces pedestrian areas to the game. The new expansion allows players to create walkable cities and car-free areas around their ideal metropolis. There are also specialized districts and city service buildings.

Features of the new Plazas and Promenades expansion include:

  • Pedestrian Streets
    • Allow your citizens to walk freely on pedestrian-only streets.
    • Place them in your city like any other road.
    • Create new green city centers free of most vehicles and pollution.
  • Pedestrian Areas and New Policies
    • Activate three area-specific policies for the city.
    • There’s Slow Driving where all roads in the pedestrian area, except highways, have a speed limit of 20 km/hour.
    • Meanwhile, Sugar Ban increases the average lifespan of citizens in the pedestrian area but lowers their happiness.
    • Street Music increases happiness and noise pollution in pedestrian commercial areas.
  • District Specialization
    • Three new district specializations were added:
      • Offices
      • High-density residential areas
      • High-density commercial areas
    • Setting a specialization on a district affects all area squares in that district which spawn buildings with a different visual appearance and a gameplay effect.
    • Each specialization features 24 new modern wall-to-wall buildings.
  • City Service Buildings
    • Connect service buildings to pedestrian areas by matching their visual style and provide services that contribute to good happiness values.

Other New Content

The new expansion arrives in the game with two new content creator packs:

  • Content Creator Pack: Mid-Century Modern DLC
    • 147 Residential Buildings
    • 5 Park Buildings
    • 32 Props
    • New residential district style
  • Content Creator Pack: Seaside Resorts DLC
    • 29 Service and Unique Buildings

Here are the two new radio stations:

  • Shoreline Radio DLC
    • 16 New Songs
    • DJ Content
  • Paradise Radio DLC
    • 16 New Songs
    • DJ Content

In addition to what’s been mentioned, a free update has been released as well and adds the following:

  • New Roads
    • 9 New Small Roads
    • 4 New Large Roads
    • 5 New Highway Roads
  • One-Way Metro Tracks
  • Quit After Saving option

Cities: Skylines is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

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