Final Fantasy XV: Universe Trailer Shows Off PC & Pocket Edition, Multiplayer DLC And More

Final Fantasy XV: Universe Trailer Shows Off PC & Pocket Edition
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Final Fantasy XV on PC.
Final Fantasy XV on PC. (c) Square Enix

In a new trailer released at Gamescom 2017, Square Enix gave players a look at Final Fantasy XV ’s expanding universe, featuring content that’s already out as well as content that has been recently announced.

The trailer featured the upcoming Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition (early 2018), Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition (fall 2017), the Comrades multiplayer expansion DLC (fall 2017), the episodic story DLC for each member of the party from the already-released Episode Gladio and Episode Prompto to the upcoming Episode Ignis (December 2017), a peek at VR fishing game Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV (Nov. 21) and more.

The trailer also touts some of Final Fantasy XV ’s free updates, including chapter select that lets you choose to start playing from any of Final Fantasy XV’s 15 chapters and a Beastiary to help you keep track of Eos’ denizens.

Also featured in the trailer is Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV (available online for free) as well as a prequel anime that explains more about how the Chocobros got together and what makes them tick. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, the full-length CGI movie that runs parallels to the game’s early events, makes an appearance as well. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV stars Lena Headey, Aaron Paul and Sean Bean’s vocal talents, a main drawing point of the movie.

And last but not least, the trailer also featured gorgeous 4K footage of Final Fantasy XV running on both the PlayStation Pro as well as the Xbox One X.

All in all, the trailer is a pretty cool look at Final Fantasy XV ’s vast and lively world, which continues to expand. It’s not the first time we’ve been treated to a look at all the moving parts that make up Final Fantasy XV ’s universe, but it’s interesting seeing just how far this game has come since its launch.

There’s probably more to come, too, since Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata recently teased that his game just might come to Nintendo Switch in one way or another.

“We can’t give you any complete, solid details right at the moment,” Tabata said during a Gamescom livestream, “but we very much do want to move out and do as much as we can with the game and the franchise. There’s another certain console out there people may be thinking of. It sounds a little bit like... Twitch.”

What parts of the Final Fantasy XV universe do you hope get some extra love soon? What parts of the universe are your favorite and what are you most looking forward to? Feel free to chat about Final Fantasy XV in our comments section below.

Final Fantasy XV
Combat, Plot, Characters Create Something Flawed, Beautiful, Fantastic
Despite it's flaws, Final Fantasy XV is a milestone achievement: not just for being completed, but for being completed with polish, aplomb and love.
  • Engaging main cast of characters
  • Fun, fast-paced combat
  • A massive, beautiful world to explore
  • The Regalia!
  • Continuous updates have addressed some shortcomings of the initial release
  • Major aspects of the story feel rushed or absent, particularly toward the end of the game
  • Stealth sequences feel out of place
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