Final Fantasy 15 Comrades DLC: Co-Op Closed Beta Available Now

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Final Fantasy 15's Comrade DLC closed beta launches officially on Aug. 3.
Final Fantasy 15's Comrade DLC closed beta launches officially on Aug. 3. (c) Square Enix

The closed beta for Final Fantasy 15 ’s latest DLC, Comrades, starts tomorrow on Aug. 3. However, players can begin installing the closed beta now from both the PlayStation and Xbox stores. You must own the Final Fantasy 15 Season Pass and be a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriber in order to download the beta, which will be available until Aug. 8.

Final Fantasy 15 Comrades DLC expands the world of Eos by introducing co-op multiplayer. Players can create up to eight of their own customizable avatars and take on quests with up to three other players. While the full version will offer a ton of new weapons, sigils, quests, attack patterns and so on, only a handful of these options will be available to try in the closed beta.

Some of the expanded options players can look forward to in the full release include a variety of cooks and boosts for recipes, Meteorshard items that expand the scope of activities or unlock new quests, quests with storylines as well as singleplayer quests with three AI companions, and weapons with preset abilities and experience points that can be leveled up by meeting certain conditions. The beta includes katana, club, dagger and shuriken weapons distinct from Noctis’ unique combat abilities, but the final version promises polearm, crossbow and shield weapons as well, all with its own different attack patterns.

While Square Enix hasn’t announced a release date for the full expansion, the publisher has confirmed that players will be able to use Noctis and the Chocobros in the Comrades DLC as well as any custom avatars they create.

The beta download is 12.8 GB on PS4 and 13.86 GB on Xbox One. Comrades is also a separate tile on your PS4 home screen rather than being a part of the Final Fantasy 15 shortcut, in case you have trouble finding it.

In the latest update for the game, Final Fantasy 15 added the Magitek Exosuits, which were delayed after the publisher for Power Rangers complained about similarities between the new Power Ranger designs and the original Magitek Exosuit designs. The biggest change appears to be that the suits ditched the different colors and are now all black (and kind of make you and the boys look like Collectors a little bit. No? Is it just me?). The invincible suits give you 30 minutes of invincibility once a day, making them ideal for taking on the toughest quest targets.

There are also a handful of new quests starting from chapter 8 at the Meldacio Hunter HQ. The update also adds the Rush Link co-op system that activates a large burst in damage, which is especially effective against enemies with high defense, and a slew of miscellaneous bug fixes.

Finally, the update brought back the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, a limited-time in-game event that will run until late September. Only those with either the free or paid Holiday DLC packs installed will be able to access the Moogle Chocobo Carnival.

Need a hand at the carnival? We’ve got you covered:

Finally, the next DLC chapter for Final Fantasy 15, Episode Ignis, will arrive this December. The most recent DLC chapter was Episode Prompto, which was a total blast. The update leading up to it also let us drive the Type-D Regalia off-road and jump it off cliffs, which I would have accepted as a full DLC all on its own.

Will you be part of the Final Fantasy 15 Comrades DLC closed beta? Looking forward to a cooperative multiplayer experience in the vast lands of Eos? Do you prefer to keep your single-player games single-player, or are you looking forward to the option of playing with others? Feel free to talk Final Fantasy 15’s new mode in our comments section below.

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Despite it's flaws, Final Fantasy XV is a milestone achievement: not just for being completed, but for being completed with polish, aplomb and love.
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