'Final Fantasy 15' April Fools DLC: Episode Kenny, The Torrid Tale Of One Diner Mascot's Epic Journey

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Episode Kenny DLC?!??!?!
Episode Kenny DLC?!??!?! (c) Square Enix

Final Fantasy 15 ’s April Fools “DLC announcement” is truly hilarious: “Episode Kenny,” starring the mascot for every diner in the world of Final Fantasy 15 . Well-played, Square Enix.

Notable is the DLC’s recommended retail price of £10,750,000/$13,460,000. Hope you bought the season pass?

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But really, Kenny, you’re a treasure and you’re worth it. Don’t settle for less.

I really don’t know what’s better - the giant Chocobo’s massive silly face in the distance, or the salmon gawping its maw to the right of the frame.

My favorite bit has to be the little video revealing Kenny’s discovery and mastery of the 13 Royal Salmon… are we sure this isn’t one of young Prince Noctis’ fever dreams? I half expect Carbuncle to hop into frame and purr about offering a contract.

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While the recent Episode Gladiolus DLC looked promising to me (I’m easy to please, rip off Gladio’s shirt and I’m yours), our own Jen Glennon was less impressed by Gladio’s greatsword.

In other Final Fantasy 15 news, the original soundtrack has received our two big ol’ Kenny thumbs-up (does Kenny have thumbs?), while we conjecture on the future of Final Fantasy 15 DLC and the alternate universes they might explore. (A world where Kenny walks through the flames, unburnt, with a celestial scent of grilled salmon…)

Anyway, what do you think of Final Fantasy 15 ’s April Fools joke? Can you rest without Kenny’s inclusion in the eventual co-op/multiplayer DLC? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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