'Final Fantasy XV' English Voice Cast Announced In New Trailer [VIDEO]

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Final Fantasy XV finalized NA box art, front side.
Final Fantasy XV finalized NA box art, front side. (c) Square Enix

In a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV , Square Enix announced the English voice cast and also shared the cast’s insights into the characters they play. Check out the new Final Fantasy XV trailer below:

The cast list is as follows (via Siliconera ):

  • Ray Chase ( Xenoblade Chronicles X , Killer Instinct ) as Noctis

  • Adam Croasdell ( Shadow of Mordor , Reign , NCIS , Once Upon a Time ) as Ignis

  • Robbie Daymond ( Sailor Moon , TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan ) as Prompto

  • Chris Parson ( Overwatch , Assassin’s Creed: Revelations , Rango ) as Gladio

  • Jim Pirri ( Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst , The Penguins of Madagascar ) as Regis

  • Amy Shiels ( Twin Peaks remake , Call of Duty: Black Ops ) as Luna

  • Matt Mercer ( Overwatch , Resident Evil, Fallout 4 ) as Cor

  • Darin De Paul ( Overwatch , Doom, Star Wars: The Old Republic ) as Ardyn

  • Kari Wahlgren ( Rick and Morty , Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness ) as Aranea

Here’s some of what the cast had to say about the characters they play in Final Fantasy XV :

“King Regis is a very wise, loyal, courageous ruler and he has to make some tough decisions. What stood out about it to me was his love for his family and his willingness to protect his people.” -Jim Pirri

“What’s interesting about Noctis is he’s not your average, ordinary prince who goes on to try to save the world. He definitely doesn’t go into it because he wants to. He’s going into it because all of this is forced upon him out of nowhere. Over the course of the game, he learns what it means to be a hero. He learns humanity through the course of this game. And he loses a lot too.” -Ray Chase

“Immediately I recognized [Prompto’s] archetype from Final Fantasy series, but I didn't want to play him as just straight comedy relief. So even though that’s sort of his function within the four, we wanted to be really careful to make sure that he was grounded, and human, and still believable. Being a real person, going through his own journey.” -Robbie Daymond

“Ignis is the confidante to the King in waiting, Noct, and he is very cerebral, quite funny without meaning to be, and an organizer. Extremely organized, and extremely capable. He tries to keep Noct and the lads out of trouble and has varying degrees of success doing it.” -Adam Croasdell.

“Gladio is a guy who is - he has a soft spot but at the same time he is a ferocious guy that you do not want to cross. That’s the thing that is really appealing about the Gladio character, is that he is a tough guy and he is a comical guy but at the same time he cares deeply about his crew. He’s kind of the papa bear of his crew.” -Chris Parson

“I would describe Luna as a very strong woman. She’s quite reserved but still manages to give across this major passion for everything in life that she cares about. Sh eis this wonderful spirit who just cares about everyone else. She’s informed, she’s educated, she’s an incredible woman to play.” -Amy Shiels

“The most enjoyable part of playing Ardyn: the writing, the writing, the writing, the writing. He’s a wonderfully written character. He’s very human because he has so many different sides. He’s got that very sincere insincerity and I adored that about him. He’s just so oily but just so much fun.” -Darin de Paul

“Corleonis is a person who’s bound by honor, he’s bound by the promises he’s made to his friends and to his king, and he’s very much kind of a station of the old guard. What draws me to him is his sense of honor, a sense of duty, but also the fact that his failure is taken so strongly to heart that he wants to ensure he makes up for his mistake no matter what the cost.” -Matthew Mercer

Final Fantasy XV has been delayed until Nov. 29 to avoid a Day One patch , though we have plenty of material to tide us over until then. Are you pumped for the long-delayed next installment of the Final Fantasy series ? Talk about it in the comments section below.

Final Fantasy XV
Combat, Plot, Characters Create Something Flawed, Beautiful, Fantastic
Despite it's flaws, Final Fantasy XV is a milestone achievement: not just for being completed, but for being completed with polish, aplomb and love.
  • Engaging main cast of characters
  • Fun, fast-paced combat
  • A massive, beautiful world to explore
  • The Regalia!
  • Continuous updates have addressed some shortcomings of the initial release
  • Major aspects of the story feel rushed or absent, particularly toward the end of the game
  • Stealth sequences feel out of place
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