'Final Fantasy XV' DLC: Four Chapter 13 Tweaks We'd Like To See

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Final Fantasy XV's finalized NA box art, back side.
Final Fantasy XV's finalized NA box art, back side. (c) Square Enix

We know Final Fantasy XV’s next major update is coming with the Episode Gladio DLC on March 28, and we know that part of it will update the oft-criticized Chapter 13. Square Enix is keeping the major details about both aspects of the March 28 update under its hat for the moment.

However, we do know that the developers are very engaged with the FFXV community and eager to incorporate fan feedback into future updates of the game. Back in February, Director Hajime Tabata spoke to US Gamer about plans for Chapter 13, saying, "Our main objective is to relieve any unintentional stress to the player and add elements that will expand the breadth of gameplay. Furthermore, the story will be easier to comprehend as we strengthen the connection of events surrounding this chapter. Please wait a little while longer until we announce more details regarding the updates.”

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We can’t be 100 percent sure at this point what the March 28 Final Fantasy XV update and DLC will involve, but there’s reason to think Square Enix will manage to tick at least some of these boxes.

Be warned, thar be SPOILERS ahead. If you haven’t finished FFXV yet, please don’t let us ruin it for you. Come back when you’ve completed the game.

Don’t make Noct go it alone

Okay, for the first couple of floors, maybe, fine. But Gralea is one long-ass, confusing dungeon. There really aren’t too many of those in the game before this point, at least among the non-optional dungeons. Yes, we know it underscores the narrative element of Ardyn baiting Noct along on a path of vengeful heartache, but that can be done without prodding Final Fantasy fans to hurl their controllers across the room.

The Ring of the Lucii needs to be less, well, aggravating and useless

Noct’s spiffy new Lucian jewelry does some things really well, like that Holy countering spell, but Death and Alterna are basically useless after a couple of levels. This goes beyond challenging to become frustrating fast, and adds to the pain of being without the Chocobros for hours on end.

Emperor fight needs better signposting

Several of us at iDigi played through FFXV at roughly the same time, and none of us are newbies to the franchise. Not a single one of us caught onto the fact that the Foras monster you battle several times is actually Ideolas Aldercapt, the Emperor of Niflheim.

More cutscenes and story development, fewer leaflets

While we understand the intent here was to keep players in the dark about all that’s happened on the enemy side of things, as Noctis would have been, that effect can still be achieved in a way that provides a bit more clarity about major plot elements. Put simply, this section needs more cutscenes, even if they’re flashbacks, and dialogue between the boys and their Niff enemies. Throughout the second game as a whole, it’s very confusing how the story transitions from Chocobros vs. The Empire to Noctis vs. The Starscourge. That said, Tabata specifically mentioned they want to strengthen “the connection of events surrounding this chapter,” so we feel pretty optimistic about this one.

We’d especially like to see more info about Ravus’ demise, and some hints at the Prompto backstory we’re likely to see more fully fleshed out in his DLC chapter. Because we never picked up on this little tidbit until we flipped through a copy of the FFXV Official Guide:

A pic of the relationships between characters in the FFXV Official Guide.
A pic of the relationships between characters in the FFXV Official Guide. Piggyback / Square Enix

I mean, if one of your party members is not just a product of Magitek, but literally the son of the inventor of Niflheim's Magitek research operation, that seems like a pretty big plot detail, right? Not something to stuff under the rug. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the links between these two come March 28.

What changes would you like to see in Final Fantasy XV’s Chapter 13? Which future DLC are you looking forward to most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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