Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: How to Fix the Ugly Default Font

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Steam

The first three games in the Final Pixel Remaster are now available on Android, iOS, and PC. While the remastered versions of Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III are welcome, the font used wasn't. That same font got scrutinized by fans since the teasers were released earlier this month.

The good thing is that changing the font is quite easy. However, the “fix” is tentative and can only be done on the PC version.

How to Fix the Ugly Font

According to an article, the bad font only applies to the English and Latin-character languages, which means that the Japanese language option uses the same font as that of the PSP remakes of Final Fantasy I and II.

The fix is harmless as you are simply going to change some files in the Pixel Remaster game downloads. So, don't touch anything else to avoid issues.

With that out of the way, here is how you can change the font:

  1. Assuming that you’ve already downloaded the remaster, run the Steam client then select the game and right-click on it. Select Properties > Local Files > click “Browse." This should open the folder where the game is installed.
  2. Next, go inside the “FINAL FANTASY_Data” folder, then “StreamingAssets.” This folder contains all of the font files used in the game.
  3. Then, create a backup of the files “font_en.bundle” and “font_en.manifest” by cutting and pasting them in a separate folder on your computer. It is important that you also make a backup of “font_ja.bundle” and “font_ja.manifest” by copying these files and saving them in a separate folder. Remember, you are only going to copy these files; not cut them out as you did for the “en” files.
  4. After that, rename “font_ja.bundle” and “font_ja.manifest” that are found on the “StreamingAssets” folder to “font_en.bundle” and “font_en.manifest”
  5. You are almost done! The next step involves putting the backup copies of “font_ja.bundle” and “font_ja.manifest” back to the folder. This should not be skipped as the game won’t load without these files in place.
  6. Once everything is done, all you have to do at this point is to set the language settings in the game’s main menu to English and you should be good to go!

In some instances, you may experience issues with your controller or gamepad after doing this. If that happens, unplugging and replugging the controller while the game is running should fix it.

While this is a temporary fix, we hope that Square Enix will change the default font to something better soon.

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