Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.06 Notes And 10M Player Milestone

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moonfire faire rewards final fantasy 14 xiv summer festival
Rewards from the Moonfire Faire summer event in Final Fantasy XIV. (c) Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV has officially surpassed 10 million players worldwide, Square Enix has announced. The company ascribes Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s success to its robust update schedule and meaty, regular slews of new content, such as Heavensward and Stormblood.

As a recent fan documentary has explained, Final Fantasy XIV ’s troubled development and poor reception at launch makes its current success one of gaming’s biggest turn-arounds. That must make this 10 million player mark feel all the sweeter, bringing Final Fantasy XIV to the top of the list in terms of total MMO players. Of course, players does not mean active subscribers, since prospective adventurers can try the game out for free until level 30. (You can find more deets about the trial here.)

This comes after the release of Patch 4.06, which starts up Season Five of the Feast, Final Fantasy XIV ’s in-game PvP arena. It also adjusts Disciples of War and Magic, with potency increases for Lancer/Dragoon actions, damage potency buffs for Summoner actions and more tweaks to Machinist, Archer/Bard and Rogue/Ninja actions. You can check out the details in the patch notes here.

Other details include adjustments for the NPC sale price of carbonized matter grades, an increase in the number of items dropped from Halgai/Manzasiri enemies in Stormblood and a number of resolved bugs. Some bugs include a fix to summoner’s “Summon Bahamut” action, corrections in the help text for a number of class actions and fixes to bugged quests such as “A New Ruby Tithe,” “The Orphans and the Broken Blade” and “The Qiqirn Strikes Back.”

Finally, the FATE “A Horse Outside” has been adjusted so that gold/silver ratings net you more rewards, making it easier to achieve the Ixion mount.

As for what’s coming up in the new season of the Feast, check out our detailed article here that lays out how PvP has changed with the release of the Stormblood expansion. Rewards include a full set of new armor for players who crack the top 100, as well as a full lineup of weapons for all jobs that is available in exchange for special tickets earned in PvP. Check out the top 100 players per Data Center here.

This announcement also happens to coincide with the beginning of the annual Moonfire Faire seasonal event, featuring zany quests against the wild tentacles of Ultros as well as event items, including a shaved ice table, a dyeable Faire version of a skimpy new equipment set and for. Check out our Moonfire Faire seasonal event guide here for tips and tricks on how to make the most of your time in Eorzea’s summer festival.

In other news, Final Fantasy XIV will be celebrating its four-year anniversary on Aug. 27, with the traditional 14-hour broadcast celebration scheduled for Sept. 1 due to Executive Producer Naoki Yoshida’s travel schedule. Details for in-game anniversary event The Rising should be announced later this month.

You can also check the latest summary for Letter from the Producer LIVE Part 37 here, along with video of the stream itself. The stream addresses questions such as tweaks to tank accessories, the tenacity attribute, and adjustments to warriors/dark knights. More detail-oriented questions, such as Red Mage’s Vercure versus Summoner’s Physick or Sprint’s out-of-combat increased cooldown, are also addressed.

The devs also confirmed that there will be no Omega: Deltascape 5.0, but will instead be a separate difficulty prepared for those who complete Savage mode of 4.0. The full post is certainly worth a read.

Are you excited for Final Fantasy XIV’s success? Looking forward to a new season of the Feast, or just pumped to spend time enjoying Moonfire Faire? Feel free to let us know in our comments section below.

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