FIFA 22: Title Update 3 Fixes Things in Career Mode and Volta Football

FIFA 22 Title Update 2
FIFA 22 Title Update 2 EA

Electronic Arts has launched Title Update 3 for FIFA 22. It contains bug fixes that resolve issues in Career Mode and Volta Football.

For Career Mode, there was a huge issue where your progression could be lost depending on how you exited the game. To address this, the developers updated the pop-up message upon exiting where the “Save and Quit” option is the first choice. This will require you to choose a save slot manually, but this is still a nice change to ensure that your progress remains safe.

If you are playing Volta Football, the game’s single-player story mode, there's a problem where the Signature Ability button does not always appear even when it is ready to be activated has been resolved. Furthermore, two new party games have been added to Volta Arcade, which will be available following the server update.

Title Update 3 Highlights


  • In a rare situation, the ball could be moved during a free kick without play resuming for both sides
  • In some situations, the referee did not call for a foul after the goalkeeper made illegal contact with the ball carrier
  • Addressed some stability issues that could occur during the 2nd half
  • Sometimes, goalkeepers were jumping too far forward when attempting to make a diving save
    • These jumping animations did not affect a goalkeeper’s ability to make saves
  • In some instances, the referee incorrectly canceled their advantage call, resulting in an unintended set piece


  • Added a Change Team Sheet shortcut on the Training Hub, enabling the manager to quickly cycle between Team Sheets for Training Drills
  • When getting transferred to a new club in Player Career, Pros with an OVR of 86 and higher will immediately be a part of the starting XI
  • Career Mode progression could have been lost between play sessions depending on how the mode was exited
    • When exiting Career Mode, the save pop up has been updated to have Save and Quit as the first option as it allows players to manually choose their save slot
  • In Player Career, the Avoid Conceding objective UI did not display correctly
  • In Player Career, the player-controlled Pro could become a member of the starting XI unintentionally quickly


  • Added 2 new party games to VOLTA ARCADE
  • Added a shortcut for deallocating all Skill Points used in the Skill Tree
  • Added an audio cue that plays when there’s a new leader in VOLTA ARCADE party games
  • When playing VOLTA BATTLES through Activities, the opposing Squad OVR could display an incorrect number
  • The Signature Ability button callout did not always display during matches when the Signature Ability was ready to be activated
  • The ball could have sometimes traveled through the Musical Nets VOLTA ARCADE party game
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur when playing a VOLTA FOOTBALL Survival match

FIFA 22 Title Update 3 is now available on PC.

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