FIFA 22: Title Update 2 Changes Penalty Shootout Kick Order, Fixes Visual Stuttering on PC

FIFA 22 Title Update 2
FIFA 22 Title Update 2 EA

EA has launched Title Update 2 for FIFA 22. This update is massive and contains new features and bug fixes.

FIFA Ultimate Team

The penalty shootout kick order will now be decided by the Penalties (PEN) attribute. The said attribute determines a player’s accuracy when taking penalty kicks.

So, if the competitors share the same PEN attribute, the order will be determined by Shot Power and Finishing attributes.

Gameplay Changes

The AI has been improved in this update. Now, the CPU AI will likely commit more fouls during matches if you set the difficulty to Semi-Pro or higher.

This change will make things more exciting without being too unrealistic. But keep in mind that the opposing team will be more aggressive, so you have to bring your A-game every time you step on the field.

In Career Mode, the developers added new scenes for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League draws.

Title Update 2 Highlights


  • Penalty Shootout kick order will now be decided by the Penalties Attribute.
    • When players share the same Penalties Attribute, the Shot Power and Finishing Attributes will be used to determine the order.
  • After completing the FUT Champions Finals competition and qualifying for another while the existing competition is still active, the FUT Champions Finals UI will now inform players that they cannot re-qualify for the existing competition.

Issues Addressed:

  • In Squad Battles, the Opponent Select screen displayed a blank space beside the selected opponent’s Rating and Chemistry.
  • Background Tifos did not always display correctly.


  • Reduced the effectiveness of AI-controlled players blocking Lobbed Passes and crosses.
    • Specifically, AI-controlled players were previously able to stretch too far when attempting to block Lobbed Passes and crosses.

Issues Addressed:

  • [PC only] Addressed some instances of visual stuttering occurring after performing Skill Moves during matches.
  • The Outside Foot Shot Trait did not function correctly.


  • Adjusted Player Career Player Objective selection logic to account for the difficulty of some Objectives.
  • Moved the unavailable player(s) pop up message so that it can appear during the pre-match flow instead of the Career Mode Hub.

Issues Addressed:

  • Youth Academy players could disappear at the start of the second season.
  • In Player Career, Match Objectives that were too similar could unintentionally appear.

You can read the full patch notes here.

FIFA 22 Title Update 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and PC.

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