Hearthstone: Festival of Legends is Here!

Head to the festival!
Head to the festival! Blizzard

It's time to make some noise and up the ante with the latest expansion for Hearthstone now live. Festival of Legends invites everyone to the biggest music festival in Azeroth featuring Legendary musicians and Soloist performers.

In a statement, Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Ybarra revealed that this new expansion sets the stage for tales of adventure that music fans in Azeroth can enjoy. He added that the creativity of the team was able to shine in this new expansion and they're excited to show the new mechanics that players can experience.

Time to Rock

This expansion introduces a new set of 145 cards. Each class comes with a Legendary minion which represents that genre’s star musician. There’s also a Legendary spell that highlights the most famous song of that musician.

The expansion adds a finely tuned instrument weapon to each class as well. Some of these weapons even have Deathrattle effects which improve while in play. Players can also look forward to new Harmonic spells which can switch between harmonic and dissonant frequencies for each turn that they’re in the hand of the player. To maximize the impact of these spells, the trick is to follow the rhythm of the match.

Festival of Legends also have Soloist minions who want nothing more than to have the spotlight focused on them. These ones have special Battlecry effects if they’re the only minion in play on that side of the board. Rounding up their performances are cards with the Finale keyword that get special bonuses if playing them uses up all the remaining mana of the player.

Time to Heal

One exciting thing about this expansion is the special tune-up done for the Priest class. For this class, healing is a major part of what they offer and now it seems they’re ready to share even more of that. Thanks to the new Overheal keyword of Priest minions, it triggers a special effect when healed above their max health.

Time of the Wolf

Festival of Legends is the first expansion to be released under the Year of the Wolf. There will be new Core Set updates which you can learn more here.

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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