Hearthstone Patch 26.0: Card Rotation and Core Set Changes

A lot of changes are here.
A lot of changes are here. Blizzard

The latest update for Hearthstone is now live and prepares the way for the upcoming Year of the Wolf. That means changes have been made for Standard rotation. In particular, Forged in the Barrens, United in Stormwind, and Fractured in Alterac Valley are rotating out of Standard. This shows Standard is now composed of Voyage to the Sunken City, Murder at Castle Nathria, March of the Lich King, Path of Arthas, Festival of Legends, and the free Core Set.

Speaking of the Core Set, there will be more than 70 cards to be swapped out for new ones. Meanwhile, dozens of existing and new Core cards are getting adjustments. Finally, the Core Set brings back the Tradeable and Magnetic keywords while introducing a new Priest keyword, Overheal.

New Expansion

The new patch also sets the stage for the upcoming expansion Festival of Legends. It features the new Finale keyword along with legendary musicians and songs, instrument weapons, harmonic spells, and soloists, to name a few. The new expansion comes out April 11 which means only a few days left to get the pre-purchase bundle.

Once you've settled on the new expansion, a new celebration event is taking place through the in-game Event system. From April 18 to May 2, players can complete Event Quests and earn Event XP on a special event rewards track.

Signature Cards Update

One of the new features that players can expect in Festival of Legends is the new look for Signature Cards. They will feature vibrant full-color art and Golden-style animations, alongside a new and thinner frame to highlight the art. Another change is that the card text has been moved off the card and instead shown through the tooltip. This ensures that the art takes the center stage.

That’s not all! Beginning with this new patch, all Signature cards, including those from March of the Lich King, also have duplicate protection and can now be disenchanted for the same value as if the cards were Golden cards.

The team revealed that Signature Cards can’t still be crafted since they want them to feel special. Due to these changes, a rule has been removed which is when you are awarded a Signature card and when you already have all Signature cards, you instead get a Golden Legendary card. Now, you just get a duplicate Signature card which can be disenchanted.

Don’t forget to check out Patch 26.0. Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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