Hearthstone: Everyone is Invited to Festival of Legends in April

Join the festival!
Join the festival! Blizzard

It hasn't been that long since Hearthstone players were introduced to the March of the Lich King. There were a lot of changes introduced by that expansion. If you're still trying to catch up, we've got a bit of bad news. The meta is about to change again with a new expansion as Festival of Legends is set to launch worldwide this April, arriving with 145 new cards.

In this upcoming expansion, E.T.C. is bringing together the greatest musicians of Azeroth and putting on what may well be the biggest musical festival in history. Every class is more than ready to put on a show from metal to pop and from rock to hip-hop.

Like every new expansion released for the game, there are new pieces of content including:

  • New Keyword: Finale
    • Cards with Finale get special bonuses if playing them spends all the remaining mana of the player.
    • Great musicians know that to get maximum effect, they should close each show with a bang.
    • Plan out turns like a setlist and end on the grand Finale.
  • New Class Keyword: Overheal
    • Starting in the Festival of Legends and Core sets, Priest gets a new evergreen addition to their class identity.
    • Minions having Overheal trigger a special effect when they are healed above their max.
  • Legendary Musicians and Songs
    • Each class is getting a Legendary minion card that is the class’s star musician.
    • Each class also gets a Legendary spell card which represents their musician’s most popular song.
    • Be sure to play that favorite tune and become a musical icon.
  • Instrument Weapons
    • Each class gets a special musical instrument weapon card.
    • Some of these weapons have Deathrattle effects that improve while the weapon is in play.
  • Harmonic Spells
    • Harmonic spells swap between Harmonic and Dissonant modes each turn they’re in the hand of the player.
  • Stand-Out Soloists
    • Soloists are minions that get special effects when players control no other minions.

New Signature Cards

Once the Festival of Legends goes live, new Signature cards will become available. The cards feature new Golden-style animations, vibrant full-color art, and even thinner frames which show off more of the special alternate art. In addition, the card text is now out of the way and instead shown through a tooltip when hovering over the card. This means the art gets the spotlight front and center.

Festival of Legends Signature cards can be obtained through Festival of Legends Packs, Festival of Legends Golden Packs, and special means like events and the Rewards Track.

Pre-Purchase Now

The Festival of Legends Bundle is now available for pre-purchase at $49.99. It contains:

  • 60 Festival of Legends Card Packs
  • 2 Random Legendary Festival of Legends Cards
  • Hedanis Card Back

Players can also get the Festival of Legends Mega Bundle, priced at $79.99, and it comes with:

  • 80 Festival of Legends Card Packs
  • 10 Golden Festival of Legends Card Packs
  • 2 Random Golden Legendary Festival of Legends Cards
  • Hedanis Preist Hero Skin
  • Hedanis Card Back

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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