The Fermi Paradox: Mars Update 0.64 Introduces New Content and Features

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The Fermi Paradox is a sci-fi strategy game where your decisions can ultimately affect entire civilizations. A new patch called the “Mars Update” introduces new content, including three new Species and Second Chance Evolution, among many others.

New Content

Three new species from the Ross System are added to the game. They are the Frenner (Marine Squid People), Shivan (Jellyfish Hive Creatures), and Quasis (Giant Anemone Beasts).

In addition, 14 new modern outfits for all species shown in the Nuclear Age, Industrial Age, Digital Age, and Cyber Age are up for grabs. They are:

  • Dolphins
  • Dinosaur
  • Damanis
  • Erbori
  • Bautir
  • Esh
  • Kular
  • Dorloth
  • Prun
  • Rao
  • Kaar
  • Maru
  • Odo
  • Rama

New Feature

The developers have added the Second Chance Evolution feature into the game. Simply put, whenever a civilization goes extinct on its home planet, there is a small chance that an evolution event will occur.

When this event is triggered, two things can happen. The first is that the two previous species found on the planet can evolve again. The second is that the extinct species is replaced by Primates (balanced), Felines (default), or Scorpios (unbalanced).

There’s something that you need to keep in mind. If you use any saves from older versions of the game, they will not trigger evolution events on Planet Ross or the Second Chance Evolution. Moreover, any games that were saved while an event was active might show the wrong picture of that event.

Mars Update Highlights

  • Technological Level 12
    • “Construct jump gates that allow faster-than-light travel, enable instant interplanetary communication; black hole harvesting; and antimatter creation”
  • Sol System Event
    • The Fury of Mars
    • Terraforming Mars
  • FTL Age Event
    • The Superluminal Age
    • The Superluminal Ship
    • The Superluminal Colony
    • Black Hole Network
    • Orbital Agriculture
  • Aquatic Species Event
    • The Aquaculture Age
    • The Reefshaper Age
    • The Landcrawler Age
    • The Tides are Changing
    • Canal Network
  • Ocean Planet Event
    • The Floating Colony
    • The Islands of Planet X
  • Starships don't count for the minimum civilization to reach a Technology Ending Anymore (Colonies count but can't reach the Final Tech themselves)
  • 5 Singularity Civilizations are now needed to reach the Singularity Tech Ending
  • The timespan between Evolution events was reduced
  • Sometimes the “Graveyard Galaxy” Ending was not triggered when a Refugee Fleet was created and all species died out afterward
  • Banished Refugee Fleets should now have the correct system names in their description
  • After saving a game the names of dead civilizations are not replaced by the colony civilization anymore

The Fermi Paradox Mars Update 0.64 is available on PC.

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