Top Features of Federations in Stellaris: Console Edition

Expand your galactic empire.
Expand your galactic empire. Paradox Interactice

It took a while but Federations is finally available for the Stellaris: Console Edition. This latest expansion puts emphasis on the galactic community along with internal politics. It’s available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles for $19.99.

Features of this new expansion include:

  • Expanded Federations
    • Diplomacy capabilities are expanded.
    • Players can now build up the internal cohesion of their Federations to get powerful rewards.
    • There is the choice to join the Trade League, Martial Alliance, or Hegemony.
    • Each one comes with its own advantages.
  • Political Party
    • Form a galactic senate that can make votes on a wide range of resolutions.
    • Players can choose to increase commitments to collective defense or channel profits to wealthy elites.
  • Origins
    • Each empire comes with its own story.
    • Through Origin, players can create the background of their empire and change the starting conditions.
  • New Constructions
    • Build new projects for your empire, such as:
      • Juggernaut
        • A massive mobile starbase that serves as a moveable repair base even when in enemy territory.
      • Mega Shipyard
        • A new megastructure that can launch fleets with incredible speed.

Free update

There’s also a free update to be released for the console edition. Update 2.8 is set to make changes to both sound and graphics. In particular, more than 70 audio effects have been remastered and there are improvements to the VFX and graphics along with the UI.

Two Additional Packs

Plates can also get the fourth expansion pass, priced at $24.99, which has Federations, Ancient Relics Story Pack, and the Necroids Species Pack.

In the Ancient Relics Story Pack, players are taken to Relic Worlds and learn more about long-dead civilizations to discover their rise and downfall. To get to the truth, players have to dig up derelict ships and cities. Along the way, they get to discover powerful relics that they can use for their own.

Meanwhile, the Necroids Species Pack is about the species known as Necroids. Highly intelligent, they believe that death is simply the start of the journey. This pack offers a new selection of ships, civics, and portraits. There are even new cosmetics for everyone to enjoy.

Ancient Relics Story and Necroids Species packs are set to arrive in Stellaris: Console Edition sometime later this year.

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