Everything We Know About Federations Expansion, Stellaris: Console Edition

Prepare for a new expansion pack.
Prepare for a new expansion pack. Paradox Interactive

The fourth expansion pack for Stellaris: Console Edition is coming on June 17. It’s going to kick off with the Federations expansion, which expands the diplomatic capabilities of the player including the ability to establish a galactic senate.

The Stellaris: Console Edition is available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and has also been optimized for next-gen consoles.

Learn about Federations

For the Federations expansion, players can expect these features:

  • Expanded Federations
    • Players can now build up their Federations through expanded diplomacy capabilities and be able to unlock powerful rewards.
    • Players have a choice between joining the Trade League, Martial Alliance, or Hegemony.
  • Galactic Community
    • Be able to unite the space empire with the galactic senate.
  • ​Origins
    • Each empire comes with its own story that creates its own path.
    • This feature lets players give their civilization deeper roots.
    • By having an Origin, players improve the background of their empire and even change the starting conditions.
  • New Constructions
    • Players can construct new projects for their empire. These include:
      • Juggernaut
        • A massive mobile starbase that gives players a moveable repair base even in enemy territory
      • Mega Shipyard
        • A new megastructure that can launch fleets with incredible speed.

Two New Packs

After Federations , an expansion pass is will release the following new content later this year:

  • Ancient Relics Story Pack
    • Get to discover long-dead civilizations in Relic Worlds and learn more about their story, from their rise and to their downfall. Uncover the truth by excavating their ruined cities and ships. Unearth power relics and use them for your own ends.
  • Necroids Species Pack
    • Choose from a wide range of new portraits, civics, ship sets even and other cosmetics. This pack introduces the Necroids, an intelligent species who believe that death isn’t the end but instead the start of the journey.

Stellaris is a strategy video game that focuses on space exploration and managing an empire. It’s also about deciding between diplomacy or preparing for space warfare. The original game was released in 2016 while Stellaris: Console Edition was launched on PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. An enhanced version for the next-gen consoles was made available in March this year.

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