Save the World in Style with Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R

Save the world.
Save the world. Nintendo

If the Fast & Furious franchise taught us anything, it’s that street races have a chance to save the world. The Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R lets you get the best street racers. Released last November 5, it’s available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The game is based on the animated series Fast & Furious Spy Racers, which debuted on Netflix in December 2019. The show focuses on Dominic Toretto's cousin Tony Toretto, who is recruited by a government agency with his friends. They are told to infiltrate an elite racing league that actually serves as a front of a criminal organization known as SH1FT3R. As with any show having similar themes, SH1FT3R is all about world domination.

In the game, SH1FT3R is on the rise and it’s up to the player to stop whatever it is they are planning. To win, players need to out-race the competition but not only race faster but also hit speed boosts and trigger traps. So get behind the wheel of one of the Spy Racers vehicles and prove to SH1FT3R that you’re not racing to lose. While speed is essential, brains are just as important to discover secret shortcuts to get ahead of the competition. In addition, the cars come with spy gadgets so don’t be afraid to use them.

Details of the game include:

  • Chase Your Legacy
    • Race in 17 tracks spread out across 5 locations.
    • Players need to master them all to prove they’re the best racer around.
    • Play as 13 racers and even SH1FT3R in Quick Race and Online Multiplayer.
    • Don’t forget to use the unique spy gear for each one.
  • Join the Spy Racers
    • Become your favorite Spy Racers character like Tony Toretto, Echo, Cisco, and Layla Gray.
  • The World is Your Track
    • Race from the South Pacific to the Sahara Desert.
  • Take Down Challengers
    • Compete in couch co-op with a friend or play online.
  • Customization is Key
    • Customize your vehicle with unlockable skins and upgrade your HQ spy gear.

Ready to race and save the world?

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