Farmville 2: Tropic Escape Wants You to Join the First Night Treasures Event

Let there be dark!
Let there be dark! Zynga

FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape launched a new in-game Night Treasures event called The Fallen Trireme. Considered as the first event of its kind, players get to experience an underwater shipwreck, meet new characters and even get to see new artwork. The event started December 9 and will run until December 21.

The event also lets players meet the treasure hunter Ed Walker once again. It turns out he’s been studying and going after precious artifacts of The Kingdom of Lumeria, a long-lost empire.

ED is specifically exploring the wreck of a royal Lumerian ship. This is a ship caught in the crossfires of a naval war. There’s no question that Ed and his crew are the best when it comes to exploring. But this time around, they need all the help they can get, especially when it comes to learning more about the secret of the lost kingdom.

Treasure Chests

So, what do players need to do? For starters, they need to explore an underwater shipwreck and look for any unique keys that can open different treasure chests, particularly those from Lumeria. Unlockable Treasure Chests include:

  • Iron Treasure
  • Bronze Treasure
  • Gold Treasure
  • Crystal Treasure
  • Wrecked Trireme Bonus

Each chest will offer a rather unique reward known as Lightning Reward. This is limited so it’s important to claim it before others do.

Day/Night Cycle

The game works in tandem with the day and night cycles of the island. As such, players will find new crops and trees. It also means you can harvest several unique crops anytime, but you must plant them during the night. These are:

  • Castor
  • Star Carrot

Aside from crops, three new trees are debuting in the game. You can find them near the helipad. Though, they are only accessible during the event. All three produce two fruits each hour but only one produces fruits during the night. These are:

  • Cork Oak Tree
  • Kola Nut Tree
  • Nightingale Orange
    • Night only tree.
    • Sparkles when ready to harvest.

Talking about this new event, Arpith Kanade over at Zynga revealed that player’s not only get introduced to night-only challenges with this new event but also get a rather generous dose of adventure. He added that they’re excited to be able to create “a genre-defining innovation.”

Time to explore and get those treasures!

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