Time For Some B-Ball Action As Slam Dunk Now Available For The Mobile Platform

Brings your 'A' game.
Brings your 'A' game. Toei Animation

Slam Dunk was a manga that became an anime about a high school basketball team. One thing that made the anime unique was how some shots often take a “long time” because of the flashbacks mixed in.

You probably won’t experience that in the Slam Dunk mobile game. Distributed by DeNA, this real-time PvP mobile esports game is now live for Android and iOS.

What makes this game special to manga or anime fans is that it has the official approval of Toei Animation. That means players get to relive the classic and recreate those amazing shots and dunks. Just in case you have no idea about what we’re talking about, the game follows the story of Hanamichi Sakuragi.

The game also brings with it that nostalgic feeling for fans and players alike. Enjoy the classic scenes switchable between Japanese and English dub.

Slam Dunk offers real-time battles to test players' basketball skills. The main game is a Half-Court 3v3. But features other modes too:

  • 1v1 Solo Match
  • 2v2 Duo Match
  • Full-Court 3v3
  • Full-Court 5v5

Slam Dunk includes Battle Mode as well as Ranked Matches. The Ranking System offers nine different levels starting from “Strong Bench Player” to “Starting Player” and all the way to “Slam Dunk.” Players may take part in Ranked seasons that happen every two months. The Honor Divisions encourage players to battle against each other, especially if they’re in the same region.

So what else does the game have to offer? Well, players can take the role of different characters from each high school in the series. The game simulates various kinds of Skills and Talents like the “Euro-Step” and “Jelly Layup.” What about the “Hua Hua Defense”, “Akagi Dunk” and “Lightning Fast?" Yes, you can use those skills, among many others.

There is also a new Talent System that players can unlock to access more advanced moves. The system includes character customization as well which can strengthen some abilities.

So, what do you think? Do you have what it takes?

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