Far Cry 5’s Season Pass Mixes Zombies, Vietnam, and Mars

Far Cry 5's DLC is going to be pretty far out.
Far Cry 5's DLC is going to be pretty far out. Ubisoft

The anticipated Far Cry 5 will arrive in March and Ubisoft further teases its fans with the announcement of a new season pass. Yes, the game has yet to be released and we're already talking about content expansions. We're seeing more and more of these situations recently, as games receive season pass confirmations before players can even get their hands on the titles. It can be an annoying trend, but at least Far Cry 5's additional content does sound pretty cool.

When you're done frolicking in Far Cry 5’s open-world of Hope County, Montana, you'll also be able to check out several different locales, including one as far away as Mars. Ubisoft announced three new locations in its the season pass—zombies (how original) in "Dead Living Zombies," fighting off soldiers in Vietnam in "Hours of Darkness," and spider aliens in "Lost on Mars." We've yet to confirm if these are the same spiders from Mars that Ziggy Stardust sang about. That was a joke.

These locales are pretty far removed from Far Cry 5's narrative, but that's part of what makes gaming so fun after all, exploring the outlandish. It's a great-looking game with what will no doubt be an interesting study on cults and their bizarre activities. For all the realism Far Cry 5 may offer, we certainly expect healthy doses of weirdness that these three expansions promise to provide.

But if weirdness is not really your thing and you'd rather play more Far Cry instead of fighting zombies and aliens, Ubisoft also announced something that might be more in your wheelhouse. Free with the purchase of the Far Cry 5 season pass is the Far Cry 3 Classic Edition , a presumably remastered version of the third Far Cry title. Season pass owners will also enjoy four-week early access. Non-season pass owners will still get to purchase Far Cry 3 Classic Edition separately for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date.

Ubisoft has yet to announce the official price of the Far Cry 5 season pass, but It could likely come out alongside the game's official release on March 27. With the base game running $59.99 and the Gold Edition costing $90, we hope the season pass will slot somewhere in between for a happy medium.

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