Fans Want Valve To Advertise Dota 2 More And Here's Why

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Looks like Valve is getting a lot of pressure from its fanbase nowadays.
Looks like Valve is getting a lot of pressure from its fanbase nowadays. Valve

The massive player base of Dota 2 is hoping for Valve to start increasing its advertising efforts after Riot Games celebrated its 10 year anniversary. For those who do not know, the League of Legends event featured Riot announcing an arsenal of new games.

The anniversary gave fans and players alike a look-see at what Riot has been trying to achieve in terms of content and reworks. For starters, there is a new League champion that all fans of League of Legends are hoping to see soon. In addition, the studio is developing a digital card game called Legends of Runeterra. Perhaps the most interesting of all the announcements is none other than the porting of LoL to mobile and console devices.

Apparently, the hype around these projects from Riot has forced Dota 2 fans to ask for more about the game from developer Valve. Of course, Valve has been working on bringing new matchmaking updates, but they can only take things so far before a newer set of issues like long queue times arise. With relatively few new players, it is expected for the competition to be even smaller at the highest level of the game. All of these, in one way or another, will only bring more issues to the table.

On social media, Dota 2 fans have started to talk about how Valve can take advantage of the more than $90 million it got from The International 2019 Battle Pass. One Reddit user even went into detail on the community’s biggest needs.

“You guys (Valve) got over $90 million from the TI9 battle pass. What are you gonna spend that on?” the user said. “You should be spending some of it on advertising. Advertising draws more players to the game, which improves match quality, and increases the TI prize pool even more. If there are more people with skill comparable to the people at the top right now, there would be fewer issues with queue times for those players.”

The latest season of the Dota Pro Circuit will start come November 7 and two new heroes are going to join the pool along with a huge update. That would certainly be the perfect time to either start a new ad campaign.

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