Fallout 76 Offering Double XP, New Patch Next Week 

A little something for everyone.
A little something for everyone. Bethesda

With Bethesda Game Days 2020 happening in Boston next week, Fallout 76 wants those who won’t be able to take part to have some fun as well. Starting February 27 until March 2, there is a Double XP Event in Fallout 76. Whether you’re playing Adventure Mode, Nuclear Winter, or even a Private World, you can level up twice as fast.

New Patch

It’s not just about a new event, as next week also marks the release of the game’s latest patch. Players can expect Patch 17.5 to arrive on February 25. Unlike the previous update, this one is going to be a lot slimmer. The update mostly focuses on behind-the-scenes prep work for Wastelanders along with some stability and bug fixes.

Bethesda Game Days

Bethesda Game Days is going back to Boston next week from February 28 to February 29. There’s going to be a lot of activities that the Fallout 76 community are going to enjoy. One of these is the Wasterlanders Preview Panel. Members of the Fallout 76 development team are going to take center stage and give everyone a closer look at the Watelanders. Join as Jeff Gardiner, Ferret Baudion, Mark Tucker, and Nate Purkeypile share some of the new gameplay along with their insights into the aesthetics and design of the new content. They’ll also be giving everyone an idea of what has changed in Appalachia since the humans arrived. Of course, they're also going to introduce some of the new characters.

Here’s the full schedule for the event:

  • February 28
    • 2:00 PM Fallout 77 Wastelanders Preview
    • 3:30 PM Doom Eternal: Battlemode
    • 5:00 PM Doom Eternal with the Celtics
  • February 29
    • 2:00 PM ES Game show
    • 3:30 PM CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story Podcast Live
    • 5:00 PM Doom Eternal: Master Level Deep Dive

You can read more about the upcoming Bethesda Game Days here.

Fallout 76 is an online action role-playing game that is part of the Fallout series. This is the first multiplayer game from Bethesda and lets players explore an open world that has been torn apart by nuclear war. The game was launched to mixed reviews. Much of the criticism was focused on the many technical issues, the overall design, lack of gameplay purpose, and even initial absence of human non-playable characters.

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