Fall Guys Is Getting An Update Soon, Here's What We Can Expect

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockdown
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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown has had a massive launch day success with over 1.5 million players logging into the game. A large amount of this number is attributed to the game's free availability with a PS Plus subscription. Interestingly, the game also managed to be the most played game of the day on Steam. However, this large player count also had some serious impact on the game's servers, causing server overloads and temporary suspension of matchmaking. Despite all these obstacles, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown celebrated an impressive first day.

Having restored the servers and enabled smooth matchmaking, Mediatonic has now focused its attention on game updates. The developer has been consistently in touch with the community via Twitter, offering various news and updates on the game. In a recent tweet, the developer stated that the team is already working on a new patch.

In the upcoming update, we can expect major bug fixes, new gameplay elements, and costumes. The developer posted a tweet along with a handy image teasing new levels, new costumes, and new features.

One of the major things that needs fixing in Fall Guys is the bugs. Mediatonic has already confirmed that the team is aware of the numerous bugs hampering the experience and an exploit that allows players to cheat when participating in games. Fixing these problems is going to be of the highest priority and we are hoping that the upcoming patch will address them.

If you haven't tried Fall Guys yet, we encourage you to give this Battle Royale game a shot. The game is absolutely hilarious and filled with funny levels. Typically, Battle Royale games tend to make players feel tense and competitive, so it's always great to play a game that makes you feel chilled out, break into laughter and relieve stress, and Fall Guys checks all these boxes.

Have you played Fall Guys? What do you think about the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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