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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown launched earlier today and it seems that the launch hasn't been all that smooth. The game is currently facing extensive server issues. Developer Mediatonic has already addressed the issue and requested players to cooperate and have some patience until the servers are fixed.

According to Mediatonic, the matchmaking had to be shut down temporarily, as the expected player count "skyrocketed right past our 'absolute highest number of expected players for the entire day."'

Mediatonic said that more than 120,000 players logged into the game on launch day, causing the servers to overload. The developer decided to shut down matchmaking for a while so that the servers could be beefed up and made more capable of handling a large player count. Even though the servers came back up online, the developer disabled account creation for PlayStation 4 users to cope with the influx in player count. Mediatonic continued to be active on Twitter, providing updates on how the team is working towards improving things and the servers have been slowly coming back online.

Along with some sad news, Fall Guys also has shared some good news on its Twitter account. The developer previously stated that the game has been bombarded with negative reviews, taking the game's Steam rating from Mostly Positive to Positive. However, shortly after the announcement, the review score shot back up to Mostly Positive.

Additionally, the Twitter account for Fall Guys also gathered a large number of followers, becoming a verified Twitter account on the launch day of the game itself.

The latest update from Mediatonic is that the company is working hard towards scaling up the servers and the number of players waiting to play the game is continuously skyrocketing. The company added that instead of struggling to keep up with the issue, it would shut down matchmaking for a while, optimize things, and provide an update in two hours.

For the most up-to-date information, it's best to follow the Fall Guys Twitter account.

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