Crusader Kings 3 Azure Patch: Changes Made to Faction Behavior

Better faction experience.
Better faction experience. Paradox Interactive

The Azure Patch of Crusader Kings 3 has finally arrived, and it has the usual bug fixes but the highlight is the changes to faction behavior. The release of Patch 1.4.0 also brings news on the multiplayer open beta.

Starting off with the multiplayer open beta, it’s going to have the same functionality as the Azure update except it will have network stability improvements. There’s also a plan to improve the stability further particularly when joining MP lobbies with decreased save game transfer speeds. Learn more about it here.

Faction Dynamic

With the Azure update, players should be able to experience more realistic and more impactful faction behavior. Overall, changes include:

  • The power threshold is now more dynamic.
    • It’s now decreased by other factions and their state.
  • ​There won’t be any factions created by AI Vassals in the first years of the game.
    • This should allow players enough time to stabilize their realms.
    • The limitations are:
      • 1 year for Dukes
      • 5 years for Kings
      • 10 years for Emperors
  • Faith modifiers are now more impactful for Zealous characters and weaker for Cynical.
  • Intimidated characters are no longer afraid of joining a faction above its power threshold.
  • Terrified vassals have a small chance of joining a faction above its power threshold.
  • Characters with an opinion of 80+ never join a faction.

Faction Modifiers

The Azure patch also updates the independence faction modifiers:

  • Characters now join a suitable Populist faction if they exist instead of creating a new Independence faction.
  • Electors are less likely to join or create a faction.
  • Vassals that have more than 50% of their territory outside of the De Jure primary title are more likely to join or create the faction.
    • The bigger their realm size, the more likely they are.
  • ​Counts are less likely to join or create a faction.
  • Kings are more likely to join or create a faction.
  • Characters can be more motivated to join if one of their neighbors is in the faction.
  • Claimant faction modifiers have been updated.
  • Powerful vassals are more likely to create Claimant factions if they have a negative opinion.
  • Vassals with a different culture are more likely to join than before.
  • Vassals are less likely to create a Claimant if they are not a De Jure vassals.
    • They instead prefer to create an Independence faction.
  • Characters are more likely to join a faction if the Claimant is their De Jure liege.
  • Characters are more interested in Claimant faction concerning title above their and in their De Jure hierarchy.

Read the complete patch notes here.

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