Features of Crusader Kings III: Royal Court

Can you manage your court?
Can you manage your court? Paradox Interactive

Being a king does not always mean having a feast and living in luxury every day. In reality, the monarch has a huge responsibility, and the larger the court, the more demand. All of these challenges, among others, can be experienced in the first expansion of Crusader Kings III. The Royal Court expansion features politics, public audiences, and decoration of your throne.

Developer Paradox Interactive revealed in a post that the expansion will be accompanied by a major free update that includes a new culture interface.

Features of the Royal Court expansion include:

  • Throne Room
    • The look of your royal court reflects everything your dynasty has amassed in terms of prestige and majesty.
  • Hold Court
    • Interact with different vassals and courtiers as they seek your wisdom in solving their problems.
    • Don’t forget to come out with a royal judgment.
  • ​Grandeur
    • Improve your court’s quality of life with the use of fancy ornaments and better food.
    • Be sure to attract high-quality guests and impress rivals at every turn.
  • Inspired People
    • You can now have talented artists, craftspeople, and thinkers work on new projects.
    • These projects will add treasures, as well as artifacts, to your court.
  • Hybrid Cultures
    • Make the most out of a multicultural realm.
    • Develop a new way of life that’s adapted to your population as well as your geography.
  • Cultural Divergence
    • You can now split from your traditional culture and turn it into something new that fits your plans.

No date has yet been announced as to when the expansion arrives.

Crusader Kings III is an RPG and strategy game set in the Middle Ages available on PC. The game is part of the Crusader Kings franchise released on September 1, 2020. While Royal Court is the first expansion to be offered, it’s not the first one to give new content.

Just last March, Crusader Kings III released its first-ever flavor pack Northern Lords. It introduced content focusing on Viking Age Scandinavia letting players form adventurer realms and access to holy warriors and shield-maidens. There are also various unique dynastic legacies along with culture-specific events and decisions.

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